Year R Home Learning

If parents or carers have any questions about the work set, please use the email address to contact your children's class teacher.

Home Learning Photos:

It is very important to us that we maintain a strong connection with the children in Classes 1 and 2 during this unusal period of time. Therefore, if you have any photos of activities or creations which you wish to share, please email these to the class email address and we will post them on the Year R School Events Page on this website. We would love to see what you have been doing!

Parents, through out the school closure we will be setting daily maths and literacy activities to complete. We will also set phoincs activities to continue to build on the phonic knowledge the children have already learnt so far. Please don't forget to use the phoincs sheets the children have at home, in their folders, and the basic code.

We have also attached links to useful websites that can be used alongside the activities which will be set.

Phonics Play - A great site for free phonics games

Phonics Bloom - Interactive phonics games

Oxford Owl -  Interactive books and reading activities to share with child at home.

ICT games - some excellent literacy and maths resources

BBC cbeebies - many games recognised by children from their favourite programmes.

What is phonics? - A video clip for parents explaining what phonics is and how the children learn

Hungry Little Minds - simple fun activities for children aged 0 -5 

We know that this is a very uncertain and difficult time for a lot of us. We have attached a document which is great to use with children who are feeling anxious or worried about Coronavirus. it is a great tool to start conversations with your child about Coronavirus in a very child-friendly way!

Dave the Dog coronavirus Story

Music/ Wake and Shake Idea

In worships with Rev Dan, every Friday, children usually sing this song, My Lighthouse - Rend Collective. Here is a clip of the song with actions to follow.

My Lighthouse

Reading - Are you running out of books to read at home?

Oxford Owl (link above) are providing lots of ebooks free of charge. Many of the books link to the reading schemes that we read at school and includes phonics books. To access these books you will need to register with the website but this is well worth the effort to get the books to download. 

Easter Holiday Activities

We hope you all have a great Easter and have a chance to rest and relax. Don't forget to email any photos you would like to share and let us know what you have been up to, using the class email adresses above.

Over the Easter holidays please keep reading and practising your phoincs as much as possible.

We have attached a maths booklet and literacy booklet to complete throughout the holiday period, if you would like to.

We have also attached some fun activities to do with your family.

Easter Themed Maths Activity Booklet

Phonics Activity Booklet

20 Fun Activities

Somerset County Council have produced a ' Virtual Activities Calendar for Easter 2020' which includes a range of activities from keeping active to craft ideas. Follow the link below and have fun!

Virtual Activities Calendar

Friday 3rd April 2020

Last day of the week! We know you have all been working so hard and we are so proud of all your efforts and hard work - well done!

Literacy - In literacy today the children will be spotting the words that have the 'ur' sound in and underlining the words. They may need help to read the text but please see if your child can sound out some of the 'ur' words themselves. If you can't print this sheet please sound out the 'ur' words and write them in a list in the home learning book.

ur phoneme spotter story

Maths - In maths, to finish our work on time, the children will be looking at the months of the year and placing these in order. You can either use the sheet provided and stick them in your home learning book or write them and draw a little picture to represent each month by the side.

Months of the Year

PE - See haow many of the different activities you can do in 30 seconds. Record how you got on in your home learning book.

PE Activity Cards

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Reading - Please don't forget to use the links above to access different phonics games and ebooks that your child could read.

Literacy - For the literacy task  today the children will be sounding out and writing different 'ur' words. The children will be able to show you how we chop (with robot arms) and blend the words back together. The children then use one of the words to write a sentence, for example I am hurt or I can surf.

ur words

Easter Craft - The children can design their own Easter bonnet using the template below. If you would like to make your own feel free! You could even make your bonnet if you have the resources. Please send in your photos of you completing this craft work and your finished designs.

Easter Bonnet Cut and Stick.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Literacy - Please complete one of the worsheets which are attached. There are 3 different challenge levels so you can choose! The work is all about sounding out different 'ur' words by chopping and blending. The children will know about using their 'robot arms' to chop up the sounds and blend them back to together to say the word. For example church - ch - ur - ch or burn - b - ur - n.

PS - there are two words on the sheet that don't have the ur sound in them - can you work out which they are?

(Parents the answers are on the last sheet)

ur words differentiated activity

Maths - Following on from your work yesterday on sorting activities which are completed at different times, we are moving on to think about the days of the week and ordering these.

There is also a challege to complete with this work aswell where the children can think about the day name which is yesterday or tomorrow. Have a look at the sheet and it will be alot clearer, it is hard to explain but once you see it you will understand.

Days of the Week Cut and Stick

days of the week yesterday and tomorrow activity

Tueaday 31st March

PE - The children have been learning different Zumba routines and they all love to complete this one! Follow the link below and have fun!


Maths - Following on from the work on telling the time last week, the children will be thinking about different times of the day and what activities they complete when. Use the pictures below, or draw your own in your home learning books, and organise when you complete the activities. For example is it in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon or evening?

Day and Night Sorting Activity

One Minute challenge cards - Here are some challenges to complete during the day. Time yourself for one minute and see how many you can do. For example, how many times can you write you name in a minute?

One minute challenge cards

Monday 30th March 2020

Literacy - In literacy today we would like the children to continue their work on writing sentences. As you are aware the children have been learning to write sentences, each week they have been writing the sentence I can see....

Please can you remind your child that a sentence needs a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces between each word and a full stop at the end. Please look at the picture below and play a game of 'I Spy'. Next encourage your child to say what they can see in a sentence, for example I can see a bee. 

The children then need to write these sentences in their home learning books.

I can see writing sheet

Phonics - This week the children will be learning all about the diagraph 'ur'. Please have a look the basic code and find this phoneme and also recap over the other sounds we have learnt. Using the worksheet as a template, the children need to practice writing this diagraph. Then completing the sheet they need to idenify which words have the 'ur' sound in them (turtle, surf and church - not fork as that was last weeks diagraph!)

ur worksheet

Easter Cards  - We would like the children to make an Easter card for their family. We have attached some templates that could be used but if you have your own ideas, please use those too. This card can be your own creation!

We would love to see the different creations so please send photos in using the class email address and we will post these on the Year R School Events page. Have fun creating!

Easter Card Templates

Friday 27th March 2020
Here are some activities for you to complete today:
RE - Please have a look at the Easter Story Powerpoint and discuss why this time of year is important to Christians.
There is a cross template below and we would like the children to decorate the cross how ever they would like. If you would like to make your own cross template that is absolutey fine! We look forward to seeing your creations!
cross template
The Easter Story Powerpoint
Literacy and Phonics work - Please have a look at the different phonics challenges on this sheet and see if you can complete them in your home learning book
Phonics home learning challenges

Thursday 26th March 2020

Please find attached the work for today but please don't forget to spend time out in the garden, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and taking the time to exercise too!

Literacy - This work is all about sounding out the different words which have the 'or' diagraph in. The children should know exactly what to do with this sheet has we have completed different ones of these as we have learnt different letter sounds. The children need to say the word, sound it out (chopping it up using their robot arms) and then blend it back together. The children then write the down the different letter sounds for each word.

Sounding out 'or' words

Maths - The sheet attached is a continuation of the work that your child would have completed yesterday. If you would like to challenge yourself this sheet also has quarter to and quarter past times to complete but please only do these if your child is secure with o'clock and half past times.

Time Worksheet

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Please find attached work to complete for today and please don't forget if you have any questions please email your child's class teacher using the email adresses above.

Reading: Please remember to share books at home by reading together and asking questions about the story that has been read. Attached below is a link to the e story 'The Cautious Caterpillar'. As you are reading through the story stop at 3 letter words and see if your child can chop and blend these words in order to read them. For example big = b-i-g.

The Cautious Caterpillar

Maths Activity: Following on from the previous work completed on time the children will need to place the hands on the clocks to show the different times. They will also be writing the times in words, looking at the hands which are on the clocks. Such as 1 O'Clock, half past 2 etc...

Time Worksheets

Literacy Activity: Following on from the sentence writing the children will have completed on Monday, today the children need to arrange the sentence in the correct order and write the sentence down. The children will need to think about the structure of a sentence for example placing the word starting with the capital letter first. Place finger spaces between the words and a full stop needs to be at the end to show the end of the sentence.

Simple Sentence Writing

We have also added some Spring colouring sheets which the children really enjoy completing in the class.

Spring Colouring

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Literacy task: chop and blend the different words which have the or sound in them and write out the different sounds. For example fork would be f-or-k.

Please use the basic code to help form the letters correctly.

Phonics or worksheet

Maths activity: Recap over the powerpoint from yesterday to remind yourself about how to tell the time and what the different hands on a clock represent. Play this game and see if you can tell the diferent times as you land on them and see who wins!

O'Clock and Half Past Times board game

Phonics task: Here are some challenges to complete all about the different letter sounds that have been learnt in class.

Phonics Challenges

Monday 23rd March 2020

In literacy lessons the children have been learning to write simple sentences. They have been learning that a sentence needs a capital letter to begin with, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end. The children have been writing sentences starting with I can see.....

Please use the sheet attached to talk with your child about what can be seen and write 3 sentences in your book. For example I can see a cow.

I can see

In numeracy this week the children will be looking at telling the time on an analogue clock. For example reading O'clock and half past times. Please use the powerpoint linked below to introduce this topic to your child.

Telling the time powerpoint

In phoincs work the children will be looking at the diagraph 'or' and what words this diagraph can be found in and how it can be formed. Please complete the sheet below and see if your child can spot this diagraph on their basic code (which is also linked below.)

or worksheet

basic code

Friday 20th March 2020

Please find below a piece of literacy and numeracy work to complete whist your child is at home.

In phonics work this week the children have been learning to format and recognise the ar sound. The worksheet looks at forming this sound correctly thinking about which words this sould can be found it.

In numeracy the children have been learning about 3D shapes. Below is a link to a powerpoint presentation where the children will be naming the everyday 3D shapes.

Everyday 3D Shapes powerpoint

ar sound worksheet

Thursday 19th March 2020

Please find below a project to complete for RE. This week the children will be thinking about Easter and the importance of this event to Christains. 

Make an Easter Garden

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Please find below a piece of literacy and numeracy work to complete whilst your child is at home.

Numeracy  - This worksheet continues the work we have been completing on 3D shapes this week. The children have been thinking about what these shapes look like in everyday life and what they are called.

Literacy - This worsheet looks at the diagraph we have learnt this week which is 'ar'. How many words can you write which have the ar diagraph in?

ar sound worksheet

3D shape colouring

Tuesday 17th March 2020:

Please find below a piece of literacy and numeracy work to complete whilst your child is at home. We are looking at 3D shapes in our maths lessons and looking at the properties and names of the shapes. We have also been looking at simple addition and subtraction.

In our phonics and literacy work we have been looking at chopping and blending words and also using these words in simple sentences starting with I can see or I went..... Thinking about captial letters at the beginning of sentences, finger spaces and full stops.

3D shape worksheet

cvc word worksheet

initial letter worksheet

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