Year R Home Learning

If parents or carers have any questions about the work set, please use the email address to contact your children's class teacher.

Home Learning Photos:

It is very important to us that we maintain a strong connection with the children in Classes 1 and 2 during this unusal period of time. Therefore, if you have any photos of activities or creations which you wish to share, please email these to the class email address and we will post them on the Year R School Events Page on this website. We would love to see what you have been doing!

Parents, through out the school closure we will be setting daily maths and literacy activities to complete. We will also set phoincs activities to continue to build on the phonic knowledge the children have already learnt so far. Please don't forget to use the phoincs sheets the children have at home, in their folders, and the basic code.

*UPDATED* Useful Additional Resources To Support Home Learning

The DfE have announced the launch of daily online phonics lessons starting on Monday 27th April. These could serve as an additional activity to complete each day to support your child's reading. Please see the letter below for more details. 

Online Phonics Lessons from Letters and Sounds

*NEW Useful Additional Resources To Support Home Learning*

The Oak National Academy is a Government-backed collection of online lessons and resources that has been launched this week, and the BBC have also launched a programme of daily online lessons  on their Bitesize website.
While we will continue to provide daily tasks for the children to complete at home in line with what we would be covering in school, the lessons and resources available on both the Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize websites might be useful if you would like additional activities to complete or to revise previously taught concepts:

Oak National Academy

BBC Bitesize

We have also attached links to useful websites that can be used alongside the activities which will be set.

Phonics Play - A great site for free phonics games

Phonics Bloom - Interactive phonics games

Oxford Owl -  Interactive books and reading activities to share with child at home.

ICT games - some excellent literacy and maths resources

BBC cbeebies - many games recognised by children from their favourite programmes.

What is phonics? - A video clip for parents explaining what phonics is and how the children learn

Hungry Little Minds - simple fun activities for children aged 0 -5 

Numberblocks - Videos for numeracy development designed for children 0 to 6. There are fun activities that can be applied to everyday life and play.

Disney 10 minute Shakeups - 10 minute activites based on Disney films that count towards a child's 60 active minutes per day

We know that this is a very uncertain and difficult time for a lot of us. We have attached a document which is great to use with children who are feeling anxious or worried about Coronavirus. it is a great tool to start conversations with your child about Coronavirus in a very child-friendly way!

Dave the Dog coronavirus Story

Music/ Wake and Shake Idea

In worships with Rev Dan, every Friday, children usually sing this song, My Lighthouse - Rend Collective. Here is a clip of the song with actions to follow.

My Lighthouse

Reading - Are you running out of books to read at home?

Oxford Owl (link above) are providing lots of ebooks free of charge. Many of the books link to the reading schemes that we read at school and includes phonics fbooks. To access these books you will need to register with the website but this is well worth the effort to get the books to download. 

Reception Events Page

Remember to check out the Year R Events Page (link below) to see the photos of what the Year R children have been getting up to at home. Please keep sending your photos in, we love seeing what you have been doing!

Reception Events Page

Daily Home Learning Activities

Half Term

We hope you all have a great half term holiday and have a chance to relax as you have all worked so hard! There will be no home learning over half term but we have attached some fun activities that you might like to try during the week. Please continue to practice your phonics, reading and number counting each day. 

Don't forget to stay in touch and let us know what you have been doing!

Half Term Learning Activities Grid

Friday 22nd May 2020

Literacy - Today we would like you to complete the minibeast wordsearch. If you can not print the sheet please choose one of the minibeasts and write a sentence about it.

Minibeast Wordsearch

Singing - Have a go at singing this minibeast song to the tune 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes'. The words are on the powerpoint linked below.

Minibeast Song Words

Maths - Have a go at the 'I Spy Minibeast' sheet. How many of each insect can you spot? If you can't print the sheet see if you can count the insects on the computer and record the amount you count in your home learning book.

Minibeast I Spy and Count Activity

Thursday 21st May 2020

Literacy - Today we would like you to watch the powerpoint on slugs and snails. There are lots of interesting facts for you to read about.

After you have completed the powerpoint, see if you can write an interesting fact and illustrate your work.

All About Slugs and Snails PowerPoint

Maths - Today we would like to have a gio at completing the caterpillar lunch subtraction cards. Can you record each calculation such as  9 - 1 = 8 in your home learning book. 

Caterpillars Lunch Subtraction Challenge Cards

RE - This week as part of the unit on ' What makes eople special' we would like you to read through the powerpoint story ' Jesus Heals a Blind Man.' 

We have attached some sequencing activities - have a look through and see which activity you would like to complete. If you are unable to print these activities, please talk to an adult about the sequence of the story.

Jesus heal a blind_man powerpoint

Jesus heals a blind man sequencing

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Literacy - Today we would like you to watch the powerpoint on spiders! There are some brilliant facts on this powerpoint about spiders. At the end tell an adult what your favourite is.

Spiders Facts Powerpoint

Now you have discussed your favourite fact see if you can write it down and draw a picture of a spider to illustrate your work.

Maths - This is a continuation of the subtraction or take away work you have been completing over the past few dayts. Once you have completed the sheet see if you can write your own subtraction calculations and work them out. If you can't print this sheet please complete different subtraction calculations in your home school book.

Subtraction Worksheet

Creative: Have a go making a paper plate spider web. We have attached the instructions below. We would love to see your finished spider webs so please email any photos to the class email address.

Paper Plate Spider Web Instructions

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Literacy - In literacy today we would like you to sound out and attempt to write different words with the 'ear' diagraph in.

Please print out the attached sheet but if you are unable to do this please have a go at writing the words in your home learning book.

ear words

Maths - We would like you to continue the work you have started yesterdayt on subtraction. You can have a look at the PowerPoint from yesterday to remind yourselves about how to subtract or take away.

Subtraction Worksheet

Science - We would like you to have a go at finding out where different minibeasts might live. Have a look at the attached sheet and decide where you think each minibeast might live. You could have a look for these insects when you next on a walk.

Minibeast Locations

Monday 18th May 2020

We hope you all had a good weekend!

Literacy - This week we are learning to write and spot the trigraph 'ear'. Remember a trigraph is three letters together making one sound.

Have a look at the attached sheet and see if you can form the ear trigraph. Can you have a go at writing some words with this sound in them? If you can't print this sheet please have a go at writing this sound in your home learning book.

ear worksheet

Maths - This week in our maths lessons we are going to be looking at subtraction or taking away. There is a powerpoint to look at first to help with this and then there is a worksheet to complete. If you can not print the sheet ask an adult to write a few calculations in your home learning book to complete.

Minibeast Subtraction PowerPoint

Subtraction Worksheet

PSED - Following on from the work you completed last week on thinking about things you and your family are good at, see if you can draw a picture of something you like doing in school. Talk to someone about what you have drawn and why do you enjoy doing it at school? Let us know what you have drawn, we would love to see too!

Science - Have a look at the attached worksheet and see if you can cut and stick the picture of the insect to the description. If you are unable to print this worksheet see if you can talk through which picture and description you would place together.

Minibeast matching cut and stick

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