Year 6 Events

Design Technology/Science

As part of our River Power topic we have been investigating electricity and renewable energy. We have linked this to Design Technology by designing basic cars which could be powered by a solar panel. Here are some of the pictures.

Visit to London

The Year 6 children visited London on February 6th. They visited the Science Museum and the Wonderlab. After that, they visited the Cambridge Theatre to watch Matilda. The whole day was brilliant and the children were a credit to the school which was expressed to the teachers by a member of public in the theatre.

A Morning of Kindness

As a result of the learning within recent RE lessons, and at the request of of the children in class 14, on the morning of 20th December 2019, class 14 all donated a bag of unwanted toys and clothes to three charity shops in Yeovil.  This was following a visit to Vicarage church and partaking in some craft activities and listening to the Christmas story, told using chocolate!  After donating the bags to The Red Cross, Age UK, and Cancer Research, the children helped pack 10 bags for 'School in a Bag'.  The money to buy these was kindly raised from the sales of tickets to the school's nativities; we look forward to tracking these bags in he new year.  Thankyou to Mrs Phelps for joining us this morning; Holy Trinity Scout Group for allowing us to use your minibus; and Mrs Padwick for kindly driving us, avoiding the dull weather!



In PE the children have been learning some new small games to increase their agility and game play; alongside their throwing and catching skills.  They have also been developing their own dance sequences which has encouraged the children to work together and build on their collaboration skills.


It was wonderful to see all of the parents and carers for our Inspire mornings, learning alongside their children.  We shared a wide range of activities with the adults and enjoyed having them visit us in school to experience how we learn together.


Throughout this term we have had a range of in-class and Key Stage worships.  The children have enjoyed taking the lead in these worships and have shared their thoughts and ideas with one another.


The children particularly enjoyed leading our Class Worship in November, with a special mention to Ellie, who was amazing at tying all of the ideas together.

November 2019 Science

This half term we have been revising our knowledge of light – proving how it travels in straight lines, and making links between the distance from the light source and the size of shadow cast.

October 2019 Our aeroplanes

This term, year 6 have enjoyed a topic and project focus on WW2. In class, we have applied many maths skills, looking at the mean averages of flight distances, measuring angles accurately and drawing using scale factor before making a model, using saws to cut lengths of wood to size.

October 2019 Visit from Howard Davenport – Pastor of Elim Church, Yeovil

Howard came to visit the Year 6 children as part of their R.E. lessons this half term.  He came to speak about what he does, how he helps people and how Elim Church helps people.  The children had the opportunity to ask questions which linked to their prior learning and were very attentive listeners.  All the children were engaged in the visit and made notes as Howard spoke with them.  Mr Barker and Mrs Camp were both very impressed with the mature attitude the children demonstrated.


God’s Kingdom

We have been discussing God’s Kingdom this half term; we have related it to charity worker which is happening around the world.

This is Lexi’s view of how Operation Christmas Child has impacted God’s Kingdom:

God’s world has become this amazing place with a couple of simple gifts.

People’s lives were misery and it was a struggle for them to live.  Their lives were tough and not many people had any gifts for any occasion. When they received a box their lives were changed forever. They realised that God loved them and strangers cared for them. 

They thought that nobody cared; now everything was different.

October 2019 Bulbs 4 Schools


We have been lucky enough to receive lots of free bulbs from ‘Bulbs 4 Schools’. The intention is to use them as part of our school project to improve the school grounds.  Children will be planting the bulbs around the grounds, so that by the spring we will have flowers growing around the school.

September 2019 The Hobbit

The whole school was able to watch the play ‘The Hobbit’, although only Year 6 had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with the actors after the show. 

They discussed scenery, lighting, sound and even had a mini acting class.  All of the Year 6 children were engaged in the workshop and a few were lucky enough to use the equipment brought in by the visiting troop.


September 2019 Fleet Air Arm

As part of our Year 6 cross-curricular topic of WW2, Classes 13 and 14 visited the Fleet Air Arm.  The children participated in a Design Technology workshop: designing and making parachutes. Rubber eggs flew everywhere – one even bounced on Mrs Camp’s head.

The aim of the workshop was to design a parachute which not only ensured that the egg landed in one piece, but also reached the centre of the target on the ground. Each group was allowed one practice with a rubber egg so that they could adapt their designs; improving them so that they were more successful when using a real egg.

All the groups impressed with their teamwork and design skills.  However, climbing to the height of Concorde to release the eggs was a bigger challenge – looking over the balcony at the target was not for the faint-hearted.

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