Year 6 Events

Autumn Term 1

Visit from an evacuee and evacuee day

Classes 13 and 14 were visitited by a real evacuee, who just happened to be Layla's grandad.  He came into school and spoke to the children about his experiences being evacuated from Kent twice - first to Norfolk and secondly to Devon.  He counted himself one of the lucky ones as he enjoyed the experience and when he went to Devon, his mum went too.

The children also had an evacuee day where they made gas mask boxes, name labels, wrote letters based on Billy's visit the previous day. Some children were able to act out travelling to a new place and being selected to stay with a family. 

Forest School At Preston

The whole of year 6 started the year with a day of Forest School at Preston.  We all travelled to Preston and spent the day carrying out a range of different activities; we even had s'mores!  Everyone loved the opportunity of spending the day outside. 

Visit from Howard

This half term we recieved a visit from Pastor Howard Davenport.  He came in to explain to us how the Elim Church, Southville, helps the wider community.  He talked about WaterAid, Lord's Larder donations, and a host of other things which his church does.

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