Year 6

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Mrs Camp
Class 13 Teacher
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Mr Barker
Class 14 Teacher

Year 6 SATs 2022 Information


Autumn Term: Place Value / Four Operations / Fractions / Decimals / Percentages

Spring Term: Ratio and Proportion / Measures / Geometry / Statistics / Algebra / SATs Revision

Summer Term: Revision / Mathematical investigations and projects


Autumn Term: Narrative / Newspaper Reports / Instructions

Spring Term: Narrative / Informal letters / Non-chronological reports / Balanced Arguments

Summer Term: Narrative / Formal letters / Diary Entry


Autumn Term: Kindgom of God / Islam

Spring Term: Creation, Fall / Salvation

Summer Term: Gospel / Islam


Autumn Term: History: WW2 / Art: Kandinsky / DT: Model Airplanes

Spring Term: Geography: Rivers /  Art: Ben Kwok / Music: Jazz / Music: Lyrics

Summer Term: History: Maya Civilisation / Geography: Trade / DT: Chocolate Making / Music: production / Music: Garage Band


Autumn Term: Cognitive, co-ordinate, agility / Creative, static blance / Invasion Games / Swimming

Spring Term: Social, dynamic balance, counter balance / Applying physical, static balance, agility / Tchoukball / Netball / Gymnastics

Summer Term: Health and Fitness, balance, co-ordination / Personal, agility, co-ordination / Striking and Fielding / Athletics


Autumn Term: Light

Spring Term: Evolution and Inheritance / Living Things and their Habitats / Electricity

Summer Term: Animals including Humans


Day set: Tuesday

Day due: (the following) Tuesday

Spelling Test: (the following) Tuesday (class 13); Thursday (class 14)

Maths: Hegarty Maths (online)

           Timestables Rockstars (online)

Spelling: SACAWAC to be completed daily

Reading: Daily reading to be completed. 

              Reading comprehension sheet or Grammar sheet to be completed

Writing: Optional writing to accompany spellings

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