Year 6

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Mrs Camp
Class 13 Teacher
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Mr Barker
Class 14 Teacher


This term focuses on the fundamental mathematical skills and knowledge required to be able to access many other areas of maths and their daily lives. 

Place Value: It will begin with developing their understanding of place value and working with numbers up to 10,000,000, as well as rounding and negative numbers.

Calculation: This will be followed by enhancing their calculation strategies so that they can add and subtract more than 4 digits, multiply and divide 4x2 digit numbers, including by 10, 100 and 1000. All of this will also be done with decimal numbers.

Fractions: The teaching of fractions is largely done through a pictorial approach with the use of a strategy called bar modelling.  There are concrete apparatus for those that still require it.

The children will need to be able to make decimal, % equivalent and conversions, compare and order fractions, add and subtract fractions with different denominators, multiply fractions, divide a fraction by a whole number.

Ratio and Proportion: Again, using a pictorial and practical approach, the children will learn and find a percentage of an amount and solve problems with relative sizes


Writing: The children will focus on the revision of basic punctuation and text and sentence structure through the reimagining of Three Little Pigs and Billy Goats Gruff at the beginning of the year.  From this, the children will move into suspense stories where the children will learn to create an atmosphere as well as studying literary language to enhance their writing.  Later in the term, the focus will switch to recounts, in particular newspaper writing.  This will be learned through the context of Wallace and Gromit.

Linking with their topic writing, the children will be required to write instructions for their model plans, focusing on the structure and levels of formality

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Grammar features will be linked to our writing and be specific to the text type that the children are learning.  These will include punctuation for speech, formal and informal language, relative pronouns and clause and parenthesis.  Alongside this, there will be weekly dedicated session where the children will revise all elements of grammar from KS2 in preparation for their SATs tests.

Reading:  Fluency of reading and comprehension skills will be the focus as the children study Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. Alongside this, there will be dedicated reading sessions where the children will read a variety of shorter texts to practice a range of comprehension skills across different text types


The children will be partake within in depth discussions, study using a range of sources with the aim to answers the following questions for themselves and back their thoughts up with reasons and evidence.

  • Christianity - Kingdom of God: what kind of king is Jesus?
  • Islam: What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God


Light: The children will understand that light travels in straight lines and how we can see objects as well as understanding why light causes shadows and can investigate this working scientifically   

Foundation Subjects

Geography: Rivers: Through this topic the children will learn the water cycle, parts of the river and how we use rivers, both positive and negative.

History: WW2: The children will complete an in-depth study of WW2 with the focus on the leaders of the WW2 as well as taking a closer look at The Blitz and its impact on our country.

PE: The focus will be on Invasion Games involving throwing and catching and the tactics around these.  Most games will be modified and accessible for all children.  These range from tchoukball, dodgeball, ball tag, bench ball and kabaddi. The children will also continue to focus on Independent Skills and targets through the REAL PE programme. Swimming will take place on Monday mornings.

Music: This term our focus will be on the composer Wagner – learning about who Wagner was, when he lived and how he influenced the artist Kandinsky.

Computing: Programming:  ‘Scratch’

French: During the first half term, the children will be able to describe themselves and other people using the language of eye colour, hair colour and hair style.  They will also revise the topic of clothes and incorporate that into a description.  Later in the term they will learn the vocabulary for parts of the body and be able to say if they are feeling ill.  They will also revise some Christmas vocabulary and use their skills to help translate longer sentences.


Day set: Monday

Day due: (the following) Monday

Spelling Test: Monday

Maths: Hegarty Maths (online)

           Timestables Rockstars (online)

Spelling: SACAWAC to be completed daily

Reading: Daily reading to be completed. 

              Reading comprehension sheet or Grammar sheet to be completed

Literacy:  Revision grammar task or writing task

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