Year 6 Events

2022 - 2023


Darrell Wakelam Visit

Year 6 had an Art day with artist Darrell Wakelam. They created 3D art with him to create four collaborative pieces of art.  The children used a whole host of materials and were able to use their knowledge of how these materials worked to use them to their best advantage. Teamwork was a key ingredient in creating these amazing pieces of art - not just within their classes, but across both classes.  Mr Barker and I are extremely proud of how every child was invovled in making the art and how well they represented themselves and their school.



Spirituality Day: As part of out Ash Wednesday Spirituality Day, the children welcomed two Rev. Dan to the school so the children could receive a cross of ash on their head or hand if they wished.  



We had a DT day in Year 6 to finish our half term, where the children were able to create a fully functioning carousel. 


The day the snow came

It was very exciting as we had the first snow flurry for a very long time.  The children were extremely excited to go out and play in the snow with their friends.

We have also been busy building our wooden planes too.  The children used saws, glue guns and were creating cardboard wings from measurements to create them.


Today Year 6 welomed Mr Bill Stephens (one of the children's great grandfather) into school to talk about his memories and experinces of World War 2.  Bill was 7 when war broke and and was evacuated twice during the five years. (Along with being shot at by a messerschmitt, blown off the roof of an Anderson Shelter and watching dog-fights during the Battle of Britain!) The children thoroughly enjoyed having a talk from someone who was really there during the war, and we were delighted to welcome him to our school.  


Year 6 have been investigating paper planes and how far they can fly.  We then used this data to create graphs as part of our maths lessons.  The next stage is for us to design and make wooden planes linked to our WW2 topic.


27/06/2022 - Science Week

Science week was very exciting in Year 5. Class 11 and 12 shared their science experiments together.

23/06/2022 - Leonardo STEM morning

Leonardo worked with Year 5 on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activity.

The children worked in groups to design, make and test their own gliders. The children had a brilliant day and understood what engineering is like.

20/06/2022 - Arts Week

For Arts Week, we took part in a stagecoach workshop, which focussed on a range of singing, acting and dancing linking to the Lion King.

During the week, we looked at our drama skills and linked this to our story in Writing: Kensuke’s Kingdom.

25/05/2022 - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

On Wednesday 25th May, we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at school. They day consisted of dressing in our party clothes, party hat making and a special Jubilee worship. We had a great day celebrating the special day together.

13/05/2022 - The start of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations


12/05/2022 - Cake Sale for Burundi

On Spirituality Day, Class 12 voted to run a cake sale to raise money for Burundi. The children brought in cakes from home as well as making some in school too. Class 12 raised £119.35 for Burundi!

21/03/2022 - DT

In our History topic, the children learnt about the Ancient Greek religion and why the temples were important to them. In DT, the children researched about the Ancient Greek Parthenon temple. The children designed and created their own Parthenon using cardboard to create a structure, Paper Mache to harden the structure and finally painting their structures.

28/02/2022 - 04/03/2022 - Mill on the Brue

Year 5 went on their school trip to Mill on the Brue. The children worked together and completed a range of outdoor activities including: bushcraft, zip wire, climbing wall, tower jump, canoeing, challenge track, obstacle courses, orienteering, tunnelling, crate stack and night line.






11/02/2022 - Mental Health Week

For mental health week, we discussed how to keep ourselves mentally healthy. We discussed growth mindset and how to stay positive when things become challenging. We created a piece of art around this.


21-01-2022 - Science

Our Science unit for this term is ‘Forces’. The children made their own parachutes to test air resistance. They had to predict what material would be the best before testing them.

18-01-2022 - Art

For art this term, the children focussed on different shading and painting techniques to work towards creating a final painting of the moon.  

10-12-2021 - Chirstmas Jumper Day


03-12-2021 - Christmas Frames

Christmas Around the World - An Indian Christmas


18-11-21 - Victorian Sweets

The children worked in groups to make their own Victorian Sweets. The children followed a recipe to make peppermint creams. They had great fun working together.

11-11-2021 - Art

For our Victorian Topic, we looked at William Morris’s art work. We explored the style and colours he used in his pictures and we used our sketching skills to recreate one of his pictures.

We recapped our prior knowledge of colour wheels and used this to find contrasting colours.

Finally, we created our own design, in the style of William Morris, for our own prints.

10-11-2021 - Aeronautics Day

Leonardo very kindly organised an aeronautics day for Year 5 and 6 children. The children got to use their STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills to design, make and test their own rafts and propellers. The children worked in groups and were given points based on their design, making, cooperation, the final product and the testing. The children had a great day!

05-11-2021 - Guinea Pigs

This term, we were lucky enough to look after the guinea pigs. We also enjoyed giving them lots of cuddles.

27-09-2021 - Victorian Day

Year 5 dressed up as Victorian children and enjoyed a day full of activities. They were taught by Mr Murphy. They learnt some simple drills, learnt to write on slate and even write with ink. They explored and looked at some Victorian artefacts and enjoyed playing some traditional Victorian games.


24-09-2021 - Local Study School Trip

Year 5 had their local study school trip into Yeovil Town Centre. We walked from school into town where they compared Victorian History pictures to what they could see today.

September 2021 - Holy Trinity's 40th Birthday

In class 12, we enjoyed Holy Trinity’s 40th birthday celebrations. We enjoyed our non-uniform day wearing our party outfits. We also made a special bookmark to represent the 40th birthday and we joined together as a school to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoyed some cake.


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