Year 5 Events


21-01-2022 - Science

Our Science unit for this term is ‘Forces’. The children made their own parachutes to test air resistance. They had to predict what material would be the best before testing them.

18-01-2022 - Art

For art this term, the children focussed on different shading and painting techniques to work towards creating a final painting of the moon.  

10-12-2021 - Chirstmas Jumper Day


03-12-2021 - Christmas Frames

Christmas Around the World - An Indian Christmas


18-11-21 - Victorian Sweets

The children worked in groups to make their own Victorian Sweets. The children followed a recipe to make peppermint creams. They had great fun working together.

11-11-2021 - Art

For our Victorian Topic, we looked at William Morris’s art work. We explored the style and colours he used in his pictures and we used our sketching skills to recreate one of his pictures.

We recapped our prior knowledge of colour wheels and used this to find contrasting colours.

Finally, we created our own design, in the style of William Morris, for our own prints.

10-11-2021 - Aeronautics Day

Leonardo very kindly organised an aeronautics day for Year 5 and 6 children. The children got to use their STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills to design, make and test their own rafts and propellers. The children worked in groups and were given points based on their design, making, cooperation, the final product and the testing. The children had a great day!

05-11-2021 - Guinea Pigs

This term, we were lucky enough to look after the guinea pigs. We also enjoyed giving them lots of cuddles.

27-09-2021 - Victorian Day

Year 5 dressed up as Victorian children and enjoyed a day full of activities. They were taught by Mr Murphy. They learnt some simple drills, learnt to write on slate and even write with ink. They explored and looked at some Victorian artefacts and enjoyed playing some traditional Victorian games.


24-09-2021 - Local Study School Trip

Year 5 had their local study school trip into Yeovil Town Centre. We walked from school into town where they compared Victorian History pictures to what they could see today.

September 2021 - Holy Trinity's 40th Birthday

In class 12, we enjoyed Holy Trinity’s 40th birthday celebrations. We enjoyed our non-uniform day wearing our party outfits. We also made a special bookmark to represent the 40th birthday and we joined together as a school to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoyed some cake.


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