Year 5

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Mr Freeman
Class 11 Teacher
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Mrs Locke
Class 11 Teacher
Mr Bowles 
Class 12 Teacher

Welcome to Year 5

The teachers in Year 5 are; Mr Adam Freeman and Mrs Julie Locke (Class 11) and Mr Matthew Bowles (Class 12).  Mr Freeman teaches Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Mrs Locke teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Mrs Davenport and Mr Bicknell are the teaching assistants in class 11 and Mrs Tomkins is the teaching assistant in class 12.


This term we are writing recounts and fables. The children will explore how to use parenthesis and colons in their writing. We will also explore the typical features of a fable including characters and settings.

Guided reading, spellings and grammar will continue to take place during the week.

Regular reading at home is essential. Children who read at least four times a week make the most progress with their literacy in school - please encourage them to read and sign their logs too!


In the summer term, we will be learning about decimals & percentages and properties of shapes. As part of the maths units, we will revise some of the key success criteria covered in year 4. 

Quick recall of times tables is crucial to our maths work in year 5 and so the children will practise their times tables weekly. As they progress through the tables the children will need to answer more questions correctly within the time before they can move up to the next level.


For homeworks we use MyMaths as it enables pupils to learn about the work set from another perspective, plus it gives instant feedback.


Our science topic for the spring term is Properties and Changes of Materials. The children will explore properties of materials, dissolving, changes of state and reversible and irreversible changes. In this topic, we will be conducting lots of practical experiments which will support the children in creating fair tests and will explore how to accurately record results. 

Once we have completed our science topic, we will move on to our next topic which is called ' Intrepid Explorers'. This is a Geography based topic, where we will begin by exploring Europe before moving on to look at North and South America. We will explore some of the physical and human feautres of these continents as well as locate some key countries and cities on a map. We will then focus on exploring the Amazon Rainforest.


Each week in class we look at a new spelling rule - sometimes this will be a revision of a spelling rule from year 4. The children have ten spellings to learn at home and there will be a spelling test each Monday using these words.  The children will have weekly spelling homework which includes an activity linked to the spelling words and a handwriting task.  Throughout the week at school, the children complete a SACAWAC sheet focusing on tricky words that they will use throughout their writing. 


Below is a timetable of when homework is given out and expected back in. Please ensure your child has completed their homework within the given time.


- Spelling test

- Homework due back


- Reading Logs checked


- New spelling rule taught in school & new spellings set


- New homework set

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