Year 5

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Mr Freeman

Class 11 Teacher


Miss Morley

Class 12 Teacher

Welcome to Year 5

The teachers in Year 5 are; Mr Adam Freeman  (Class 11) and Miss Amy Morley (Class 12). Miss Dening is the teaching assistant in class 11 and Miss Cousins is the teaching assistant in class 12.


This term we are focussing on character descriptions, narrative writing and diary entries. We are using the book ‘Street Child’ to inspire the children’s writing. By the end of these units, the children will be able to use: adjectives and commas correctly to create their own list sentences, brackets to add in more information, use a range of sentences types and use inverted commas in their writing to give information about the character and advance the actions.

Grammar is taught weekly focusing on sentence structure, identifying and using auxiliary and modal verbs, relative clauses and relative pronouns, parenthesis, commas to avoid ambiguity and building cohesion within and between paragraphs. 

Guided Reading is taught weekly and this term the children will study a range of text types, including fiction, non-fiction, diaries and poetry.

Regular reading at home is essential. Children who read at least four times a week make the most progress with their literacy in school - please encourage them to read and sign their logs too!


In the autumn term, we will be learning about Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Statistics, Multiplication and Division and Perimeter and Area. In Maths, we use an approach (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract) to embed the children’s learning and to help them understand the learning in different ways. As part of the maths units, we will revise some of the key success criteria covered in year 4.

Quick recall of times tables is crucial to our maths work in year 5 and so the children will practise their times tables weekly. As they progress through the tables, the children will need to answer more questions correctly within the time before they can move up to the next level.


The topic for this term is ‘The Victorians’. The children will learn about the Victorian period of history. They will find out about the key dates during this period and plot these on a timeline. They will explore the power and leadership during the Victorian era and the impact of the education system that was introduce. To bring the topic to life we will be comparing the present day with the Victorian periods of Yeovil, noting some of the buildings and roads that were the same. 

The science topic during the autumn term is ‘Earth and Space’. The children will learn about the components of our solar system and how they relate to each other. This will include finding out about the planets, phases of the moon and explaining why we experience night and day and the seasons. To make this topic more interactive we have booked to have a large inflatable dome visit the school so that the children can be immersed in the night sky. 


Each week in class we look at a new spelling rule. The children have ten spellings to learn at home and there will be a spelling test each Monday using these words.  The children will have weekly spelling homework which includes an activity linked to the spelling words and a handwriting task. Throughout the week at school, the children complete a SACAWAC sheet focusing on their spellings as well as tricky words that they will use throughout their writing. 


Below is a timetable of when homework is given out and expected back in. Please ensure your child has completed their homework within the given time.


- Spelling test

- Homework due back


New spelling rule taught in school & new spellings set


- New homework set

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