Year 4

Miss Chubb
Class 9 Teacher
Mrs Stent
Class 10 Teacher
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Mrs Locke
Class 10 Teacher

Welcome to Year 4!

Class 9 - Miss Chubb teaches in Class 9 and Mrs Abbott is the teaching assistant based in Class 9. 

Class 10 - Mrs Stent teaches in Class 10 from Monday - Wednesday and Mrs Locke teaches on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Tomkins and Mrs Jean are the teaching assistants based in Class 10. 

Our Curriculum for the Summer Term:

Topic & Science

We are continuing our work on ‘Settlers and Invaders’. The children will continue to look at Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons, why the Vikings invaded and settled in Anglo-Saxon Britain and about daily life during this time-period, including their food and alphabet. In Summer 2, the children will be learning about Ancient Egypt with a focus on their Religion.

The children will complete two science units this term. The first unit focuses on Animals including Humans and we will look at human digestion and teeth. The second unit focuses on Electricity. We will look at how electricity works as well as simple circuits and symbols to represent these.


In writing, we are continuing our Poetry unit where the children will learn how to identify and use different features of Poetry. We will look at a range of poetry for different audiences.

This will be followed by a short Diary Entry unit where the children will learn the features of a diary entry and how to incorporate this into their writing.

The final two units will look at Egyptian Fairy Tales linking into our History work where the children will have a chance to write their own fairy tale. We will also look at how to write instructions based on mummification.

Grammar - The Year 3 targets will be integrated into our Year 4 grammar and writing targets, which will be taught through texts relating to our topics.

Guided Reading is taught weekly and this term the children will focus on a range of poetry and non-fiction texts.


In maths, the children will follow the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This term the children will learn:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Statistics
  • Geometry (Properties of Shape and Position/Direction of shape)

Arithmetic is taught alternately each week and focuses on the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


During Summer 1, we are looking at The Kingdom of God in RE. The children will learn about Pentecost and how this links to Christian’s beliefs and the life of the church. In Summer 2, the children will be revisiting Judaism and looking in depth at their beliefs and values.


This term, we will discuss and look at ‘How to keep safe in our local area’. We will focus on risks, hazards and danger in the local area and how to keep ourselves safe from these as well as water, fire and railway safety.


PE is taught twice a week. This term, the children in Year 4 will be learning PE from our Real PE scheme for indoor PE focusing on physical skills and Health and Fitness.

In our outdoor PE, for Summer 1, we are learning key skills and rules for Basketball.

In Summer 2, Class 10 will be completing an Athletics unit and Class 9 will be swimming.

Spelling and Homework

Homework will be set and homework books will be sent home every FRIDAY and are due back in on the following FRIDAY please.

The children will be expected to complete:

1) SACAWAC spelling sheets weekly.

2) My Maths internet task (once / fortnight)

Children should also read several times each week and regularly practise their times tables by logging in to the TimesTables Rockstars website.

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