Year 4

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Welcome to the Year 4 page.

On this page, you will be able to discover what your child HAS been learning and WILL be learning about in class. We hope you enjoy and share these experiences with your child.


Last half term, the children in Year 4 focussed on writing successful non-chronological reports about a fantastic beast that they created in their ICT lessons.  The emphasis was on use of paragraphs, fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases.  Both classes now have some wonderful work displayed on the WOW Walls to celebrate the children's successes.  Next half term, the children will be planning, writing and improving their descrptive writing.  We will highlight the importance of using senses to aid description and the use of similes and metaphors and build upon the skills already learnt.   There is a big focus on handwriting this year and children are encouraged to join their writing adopting a cursive style.  In Grammar lesssons, we are building upon understanding of fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, past perfect aand use of inveretd commas for direct speech.


Last half term Year 4 pupils have been learning about negative number, Roman numerals and addition and subtraction.  Multiplication, division, length and perimeter will be the main focus when we return after our half term break.  We will be encouraging the children to make the link between them, using their reasoning and problem solving skills. The children should know all of their times tables and associated division facts by the end of year.  This is the reason we set weekly Times Table Rockstars homework.  We cannot emphasise enough the importance of regular practise.  A secure understanding of times tables will aid your child's understanding of all areas of Numeracy.


To hook the children into Science this coming half term, we are off on a trip to NineSprings where children will learn about habitats , eco-systems and the water cycle.  This links in well with our Topic (Fantastic Beasts).  We will be encouraging the children to think scientifically - posing questions which they can then try to find the answers to independently.

Spelling and Homework

Homework will be given on Friday and will be collected on the following Thursday.  Spelling tests, the second week back after half term, will be on Fridays for both classes and will consist of a random 10 of the words on your child's SACAWAC sheet.  Please can we ask you to ensure homework is completed and to sign the appropriate box in your child's homework book once tasks are finished.  Children will be expected to complete their Homework SACAWAC sheet, read and practise times tables daily and then complete an additional task each week too.

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