Year 4

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Mrs Harris
Class 9 Teacher
Mrs Stent Class 9 Teacher
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Mr Jeffery
Class 10 Teacher

Welcome to the Year 4 page!

On this page, you will be able to discover what your child has been learning about in class. We hope you enjoy and share these experiences with your child.


This term this focus is on narrative writing - specifically fantasy stories.  The children will be planning, writing and improving their writing in different ways.  We will also be encouraging the children to act out parts of their stories to really bring them to life.  Linked to our story writing we will be teaching the children about paragraphs, punctuating speech correctly and linking it in with the other Year 4 grammar aspects. There is a big focus on handwriting this year.


Multiplication, division and fractions will be the main focus this term.  We will be encouraging the children to make the link between them, using their reasoning and problems skills. The children should know all of their times tables and associated division facts by the end of year 4.


The main event this term will be Science week - the children will carry out different experiments and link them with our topics.  The main topic will be Rocks and Soils. However, we will also link the activities to our Electricity topic. We will be encouraging the children to think scientifically - posing questions which they can then try to find the answers to.

Spelling and Homework

Homework will be given on Friday and will be collected on the following Thursday

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