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Welcome to the Year 4 page.

On this page, you will be able to discover what your child HAS been learning and WILL be learning about in class. We hope you enjoy and share these experiences with your child.


Our Topic when we return after Christmas is Settlers and Invaders where we will be exploring reasons why people invaded and settled in Britain during the Anglo-Saxon period.  This will start off with a Drama Workshop that aims to hook and engage the children instantly.  Key events over this Topic will include drawing and painting a longship in the style of Seurat, studying Alfred the Great and recreating a Viking battle.


In the Spring Term, children in Year 4 will be writing newspaper reports, recounts in role and poetry that describe the events at Lindisfarne when it was invaded.  The emphasis will be on the use of paragraphs, fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, structure and layout and the use of inverted commas for direct speech.  We will highlight the importance of using the skills already learnt in Grammar lesssons to edit and improve their writing.   There will continue to be a big focus on handwriting and children will continue to be encouraged to join their writing adopting a cursive style.  


In the Spring Term, Year 4 pupils will learn about length and perimeter, area, fractions and decimals.  Multiplication and division skills will still be a focus as we start preparing for their compulsory Multiplication Tables Check in the Summer Term.  The children should know all of their times tables and associated division facts, up to and including the 12 times table, by the end of year.


Throughout Science in the Spring Term, your children will be learning all about sound, how it is created and how we hear it.  We will also be linking this to Music, experimenting with different ways in which we can make sound with our voices and bodies.


Judaism and Salvation will be taught during the Spring Term.  In Judaism we will be looking at their beliefs and practises.  Throughout the unit on Judaism, children will be asked to ponder 'How special is the relationship Jews have with God?' and in their Christianity unit on Salvation we will be thinking about an answer to the question  'Why do Christians call the day that Jesus died Good Friday?'

Spelling and Homework

Homework will be given out on Friday and will be collected on the following Thursday.  Spelling tests will be on Fridays for both classes and will consist of a random 10 of the words on your child's SACAWAC sheet.  Please can we ask you to ensure homework is completed and to sign the appropriate box in your child's homework book once tasks are finished.  Children will be expected to complete their Homework SACAWAC sheet, read and practise times tables daily and then complete an additional task each week too.

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