Year 3

Mr Flitton
Class 7 Teacher
Mrs Camp
Class 8 Teacher

Welcome to the Year 3 page!

On this page, you will be able to discover what your child has been and will be learning in class. We hope you enjoy and share these experiences with your child.

Autumn Term


In writing this term, the topics are story writing, information texts and a fun story about a very calamitous cat called Mog. The children will explore the key features of these before writing their own. They will include Year 3 writing standards such as: compound and complex sentences, character and setting description, paragraphs, prepositional phrases, speech and rhyming.

Grammar is taught weekly focusing on sentence structure, identifying and using conjunctions, adverbs, prepositions, inverted commas, present perfect tense in their writing.


In maths, the children will follow the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This term the children will learn:

  • Place Value
  • Four operations - addition, multiplication, division and subtraction
  • Club TimesTables

Arithmetic and Reasoning is taught alternatively each week which focuses on the four operations: column addition, column subtraction, column multiplication and bus stop method for division. Reasoning will focus on developing mastery in mathematical areas and problem solving.



Through our topic of light the children will learn about reflection, shadow, light sources and investigating the different properties of light.


The topic for this term is ‘The Stone Age and The Iron Age’. We will explore what it would have been like to live during this part of history with a deep focus on food; what the people from this era ate and how they obtained their food.


The children will look be learning how to play the recorder, learning different notes and applying these to songs with rhythm.


We will be designing and making clay jewellery linking it to both the Stone Age and also 3D shape.


This term we will be using Purple Mash to learn about coding, online saftey and using spreadsheets.  

Physical Education

PE is taught twice a week - Monday (inside) and Tuesday (outside). Outside this term, the children will focus on orienteering skills followed by invasion games which will be linked to football skills.  Inside PE will be using the RealPE programme where the children develop their speed, agility and skills to help improve the children's game playing. 

Religious Education:

In the first half term, children will focus on the ‘The Creation’ and look specifically at the story of the creation and how God developed the world. 

The second half term will look at ‘Hinduism’ looking at the question: Would celebrating Diwali at home and in the community bring a feeling of belonging to a Hindu child?

PSHE and Relationships

During these lessons, we will discuss and look at:

  • What are the rules to keep us safe?
  • What can we do about bullying?


All Homework will be given out on a Friday and due back in on a Thursday. If your child has not completed their homework by this date, they will do it in Homework Club at break time.

Weekly spellings will also be given out on a Friday and their spelling test will take place on Thursday.

One week the children will be set a MyMaths task to complete -

The other week will be a writing or topic based homework in our homework books. 

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Provides a useful reading list for children that are currently in year 3. 

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