Year 2 Events

05/11/2019 Remember, remember the 5th of November! 

Year 2 have had a very busy day today taking part in activities to remember a very special day! Class 5 and 6 created firework displays, created chocolate sparklers and enjoyed a cup of warm hot chocolate outside. Year 2 are going to be learning all about the Gunpowder plot in their topic and literacy lessons so this was a lovely way to start off our learning.

21/10/2019 Spirituality day

On Monday, the whole school focused on our Spirituality Day. The theme for the day was 'being responsible for our world'. Year 2 had a big discussion about our world and if we are being truly responsible for it. We explored the creation story in the book of Genesis. For the rest of the day, we learned lots about plastic pollution and the issues that our planet is currently facing. We learned about the 3 R's; recycle, re-use and reduce and we then created posters to raise awareness about this. We also thought of ideas of how we could reduce using plastic and how other people or businesses could do this also. We then created a class fish out of recycled plastic bottles for our display in our classroom.


In Year 2 we are learning about Healthy Living. We have looked at the different foods we should eat and the importance of a balanced diet. We are learning the importance of keeping clean and had a special visitor come in. A local dentist showed us how to look after our teeth. The importance of how and when to clean your teeth... not forgetting the flossing!

To see the consequences of when you don’t look after your teeth we did an egg experiment. We put an egg in three types of different liquids: coke, milk, lemonade and water. This helped us see what can happen to our teeth if we drink some of these drinks too often and not brush our teeth. We loved seeing the results of our experiment. A lesson to us all -  the importance of drinking water!


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