Year 2 Events

Guinea Pigs - Class 6

In Class 6 we were really lucky as we were one of the first classes to look after the Guinea Pigs. Although we were really excited about this, it also came with a lot of responsibility.


A group at a time, we made sure that in the morning (weather depending) we got the Guinea Pigs out of their indoor home and put them outside. We also had to ensure that they had fresh water each day and some yummy fruit and vegetables. We had to make sure that their home was nice and clean.


The best bit was.... all the cuddles!


RE - Islam 

This half term we have been learning about a new religion. We have learning about Islam. We have discussed how we at Holy Trinity are a Christian school but in both this country and the world there are other religions that people worship.

We have enjoyed learning about the different rules they have and looking at their holy book – the Qu’ran. We learnt how they always wash their hands before touching their holy book. We looked at how the book is written in Arabic and the one we had was translated in English.

We loved seeing the Qu’ran in real life!


Tag Ruby:

The whole school was really lucky to have some external visitors come in and do a Tag Rugby session with us. We really enjoyed having our Tag Rugby session. We were in different colour teams and each colour team had a go and taking peoples tags off when they had to run from one end to the other whilst carrying a rugby ball. We had to try and dodge each other whilst running from one side to the other!

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