Year 2


Miss Davis
Class 5 Teacher
Mrs Blake
Class 5 Teacher
Mrs Cunningham
Class 6 Teacher

Welcome to the Year 2 page!

Class 5 - Mrs Blake teaches in Class 5 on Mondays and Tuesdays and Miss Davis teaches in Class 5 from Wednesday to Friday.

Class 6 - Mrs Cunningham teaches in Class 6.

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Austin are the Teaching Assistants in Year 2.

Our Curriculum for Autumn Term


In maths, the children will follow the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This term the children will learn:

Place Value:

  • Read and write numbers to 100
  • Partitioning 2 digit numbers
  • Compare and order numbers using < > =
  • Count in 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s

Addition and Subtraction:

  • Number bond to 20
  • Number bonds to 100
  • Add and Subtract ones
  • 10 more and 10 less


In writing this term, we will be looking at narrative writing based on the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. We will also explore recipe writing based on the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. Our narrative unit will be focusing on; sequencing events, noun phrases and retelling a story. Our recipe unit will focus on; features, commands, commas in a list and finally, writing our own recipe.

Grammar is taught weekly. In these lessons, we will be directly focusing on Year 2 writing skills such as; commas, contractions, apostrophes, past and present tense, progressive tense and noun phrases.

In Year 2, Guided Reading is taught as a whole class approach. Our first unit will also be based on the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’

Topic – Science and History


Our first topic unit will be ‘Food and Healthy Living’. We will be learning about our basic needs and how to keep our bodies healthy (including; balanced diets, exercise and dental health).

We will also have a special visit from a local dentist to talk to the children about dental health!


In the second half of the Autumn term, we will be moving onto our History unit ‘The Gunpowder Plot’. We will be exploring why Guy Fawkes is a significant person in British History and the events that took place.

Religious Education

Our first unit is ‘Islam: Prayer at home’, in which we will explore the Islam faith, the key aspects to the religion and why prayer is so important.  Our second unit of this term is ‘Christianity – Incarnation’ and we will be exploring why Christmas is so important to Christians.


This year we are excited to be using a new computing scheme called 'Purple Mash'.  Computing lessons will be 'blocked' each half-term and so there will be several lessons over the course of a week, rather than a weekly computing session.  We will start by looking at a coding unit.  E-safety is an important aspect of the children's learning and will be revisited each half-term.


Mrs Cartwright teaches music each week as part of the teachers' PPA time.  During Autumn 1 the children will focus on Rock Music and during Autumn 2 they will be learning the songs ready for our nativity.

PSHE and Relationships

During these lessons, we will discuss and look at:

Autumn 1: How can we help? This unit will be focusing on school and class rules, respecting others and understanding what is meant by ‘privacy’.

Autumn 2: What is bullying? This unit we will be focusing on different types of bullying and teasing. We will also be exploring what to do if we experience bullying or teasing and who to talk to if we’re feeling worried.


In our indoor sessions, we will be using the Real PE syllabus to teach footwork and balance.

In our outdoor sessions, we will be practising our throwing and catching skills.


Homework and spellings will be set every Friday. Homework will be due in on the following Wednesday. Spelling tests will take place on Wednesdays and will consist of ten words that have followed a sound or spelling pattern taught in the previous week.

Useful websites

Times tables Rockstars - this is a resource that can be used at home. All children have been given a username and password to use this resource which is stuck on the last page of their homework book.

Every week, additional homework is set on this website for Year 2. The activities are based on concepts that we have learned in class. Please note that this homework is optional and not compulsory. 

Provides a useful reading list for children that are currently in year 2.

An interactive website that helps children with their phonics. We are currently working on Phase 6 however there is sections on other phases that may be useful. 

A great website that provides a range of activities covering literacy, numeracy and science.

A site all about coding, it included a number of coding platforms for logo, visual coding and many more.

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