Year 2

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Welcome to the Year 2 page!


In mathematics this term we will be exploring measurements within this the children will be learning how to tell the time. This will include o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour. Some children will explore telling the time to a five minute interval. In addition, the children will be exploring money – this will include recognising the values of all coins and notes; being able to create an amount using different coins and problem solve.


In literacy, we are exploring the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. This links to our topic work: Sensational Safari, which will explore Kenya. The children will be learning to innovate the story’s main character and setting whilst using a range of punctuation and noun phrases to describe and specify.


Our topic for the first half of the summer term is ‘Sensational Safari’ we will be looking at a range of animals and how they are adapted to suit their habitat. We will also explore key human and physical landmarks in Kenya, and explore the differences and similarities of the countries culture, landscape and education.

Religious Education

The focus for RE this half term is Hinduism. Firstly, the children will be explore the origins of Hinduism. We will then continue to focus on some of the key beliefs that Hindus share including believing in on God as well as other aspects of the religion. To conclude we will explore the school values: love and respect, and what this looks like to Hindus.


Homework and spellings will be set every Friday. Homework will be due in on the following Tuesday. Spelling tests will take place on the following Thursday and will consist of ten words that have followed a sound or spelling pattern taught in the previous week.

Useful websites 

Provides a useful reading list for children that are currently in year 2.

There are two free interactive games on this website 'Planetary Plurals' and 'Pond Life Plurals' that will relate to spellings rules being taught to your child. 

A great website that provides a range of activities covering literacy, numeracy and science.

A site all about coding, it included a number of coding platforms for logo, visual coding and many more.

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