Year 2

Miss Davis
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Miss Entwistle
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Welcome to the Year 2 page!


In Mathematics this half term we will continue to explore the unit of Addition and Subtraction. This will use and expand our knowledge on place value and apply our skills to addition and subtraction problems. We are using a CPA approach which stands for 'Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract'. For each strand of learning we begin with focusing on exploring this strand using concrete objects, then moving onto pictorial and finally working on the skill in an abstract way. This gives the children the understanding of how number works. In addition and subtraction we will focus on: number bonds within 20; adding and subtracting ones to a 2-digit number; adding and subtracting two 2-digit numbers; number bonds to 100; 10 more and 10 less and apply this within context and problem solving. In all areas, we get the children to apply this to reasoning skills and reason why something has worked in this way or what mistake has been made. 

Once we have finished our Addition and Subtraction unit, we will then move onto Money. Again, we will be using the CPA approach. In this unit, we will be looking at counting money in pence as well as pounds. We will ask the children to select money needed for a given amount. The children will explore how you can make the same amount using different combinations and learn how to find the difference with money. Once we are secure on our money knowledge, we will then look at applying this to word problems.


This term we are looking at a story called ‘The Journey’. This story is not our normal storybook – it has no words! The story is created through beautiful images. We will start with prediction. We will only see part of the story and we need to predict what happens next. We will be looking at the characters and setting and use expanded noun phrases to describe these. We are going to do some grammar work, introduce the term coordination and subordination, and look at the three different sentence types: simple, compound and complex. We will retell the story of ‘The Journey’. Once we have retold the story, we will look at innovating the story. This is where we use the same concept of the story but we change details of the story. For example, rather than the main character being a little girl, we will change it to a little boy. Rather than the setting being in the woods, we will change it to sweet land! We will use thesaurus to make sure we have some interesting vocabulary.

Topic – Geography

Our Topic this Half term is called World Explorers, which is a Geography Topic. In this Topic we will be learning about the countries that make up the United Kingdom as well as what their capital cities are. We will then move onto learning about the continents and oceans of the world. After this, we will be looking at maps and learning about compass directions.

Religious Education

This Half Term our RE unit is ‘God’. We will be focusing on the parable ‘The Lost Son’. We will be learning that a parable is a story from the Bible which has a hidden meaning. We will be exploring what this looks like. We will be exploring how God is our forgiving father and will forgive us.


Homework and spellings will be set every Friday. Homework will be due in on the following Wednesday. Spelling tests will take place on the following Thursday and will consist of ten words that have followed a sound or spelling pattern taught in the previous week.

Useful websites

Times tables Rockstars - this is a resource that can be used at home. All children have been given a username and password to use this resource which is stuck on the last page of their homework book.

Every week, additional homework is set on this website for Year 2. The activities are based on concepts that we have learned in class. Please note that this homework is optional and not compulsory. 

Provides a useful reading list for children that are currently in year 2.

An interactive website that helps children with their phonics. We are currently working on Phase 6 however there is sections on other phases that may be useful. 

A great website that provides a range of activities covering literacy, numeracy and science.

A site all about coding, it included a number of coding platforms for logo, visual coding and many more.

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