Year 1 Events

December 2019 - The Nativity

22/10/2019 Exploring Forest School


17th October Our trip to Carymoor 



Class 3 have really been enjoying learning about Harvest and the Autumn. As well as making Harvest baskets, scarecrows and pumpkins, they also worked co-operatively as a class to make an apple crumble! Some children were on peeling and chopping duty, while others were on the crumble mixing. Everyone enjoyed tasting the crumble when it came out of the oven (including Mr Beauford, who popped in to see us!) – and we were especially proud of those children who didn’t think that they would like the crumble but gave it a go anyway!

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Year 1 – September News

Year 1 have been busy exploring the topic ‘Once Upon A Time’. They have designed new shoes for the Shoemaker to make and created Wolf faces to warn people there is a wolf on the loose after the woodcutter chased it away! They have also been thinking about the current changing season - preparing for Harvest Festival and planting bulbs that will come up in the Spring.


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They have really been enjoying completing the Daily Mile every day!
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