Year 1

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Mrs Salvetti
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A Warm Welcome To Our Year 1 Page!

This term out topic is ‘Once upon a time’.


Phonics: The children will complete daily phonics sessions which will be taught as a separate lesson to Writing. In the first half term the children will initially recap Phase 3 and 4 sounds introduced in Reception and progress through Phase 5.

Writing: In writing, we will be exploring lots of different traditional tales. The children will be building on their work of simple sentence construction and will apply these skills throughout the term through labelling, letter writing, story writing and writing character and setting descriptions.

Reading: In addition to opportunities for reading during daily phonics sessions, the children will participate in guided reading sessions and will be heard read by adult in school a minimum of once a week.

We encourage the children to read every day at home and in school they will continue to participate in a weekly Guided Reading session with an adult, reading a book set at their current Phonics level which they will then take home to continue reading. 

Please see the links at the bottom of the page for some useful websites to continue to support phonics at home.



In maths, the main focus for the first term will be counting and place value. The children will follow the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach and we will follow the White Rose scheme of work to cover:

Place Value:
- Read and write numbers to 20
- Compare, order and partition numbers to 20, including using the comparison symbols < >

Add and Subtract:
Addition and Subtraction within 10
Number bonds and Fact Families to 10

Shape and Space
- Recognise, name and sort 3D and 2D shapes



We will be exploring ‘Everyday Materials’ and linking our investigative work to a variety of traditional tales. We will also be observing seasonal change during Autumn and Winter


Multi-Skills and Dance will be the focus of this term’s PE lessons. We will be following the Jasmine REAL PE programme for these. We will be working on individual challenges and working as part of team.

PSHE and Relationships

Autumn 1: Our unit this half term will be ‘How do we decide how we behave?’

Autumn 2: Our unit this half term will be ‘What can we do with money?’

Art and DT

We will be using a wide range of paper art and design techniques to create collages, paper shapes and patterns. We will be making and evaluating a ‘Harvest Salad’ as part of our DT work and later in the term we will explore, make and use simple mechanisms to make fairy tale-themed products.

In music this term the children will explore rhythm and tempo using their voices and a range of un-tuned percussion instruments. Lessons will include opportunities to listen and appraise different styles of music.  The children will be taught by Mrs Cartwright.

In the first unit, pupils learn basic programming ideas through experimenting and solving problems with simple, programmable robots, such as the Bee-Bot. After half term, children use iPads to produce a short video of themselves, or others, carrying out an activity. They learn to improve their filming techniques and edit video using iMovie before sharing their work.

Religious Education

Autumn 1: Our first unit this term is ‘Creation’. We will be thinking about who made the world and learning the Christian Creation story.
Autumn 2: In preparation for Christmas, our second unit will be ‘Incarnation’ and we will be learning the Christmas Story.


Homework will be set on a Friday and must be handed in on the following Wednesday.  It will consist of a task based on a curriculum area which will support work completed in the classroom.  The children will also bring home a phonic book to share with you. It will help if you can practise together the sounds taught. In addition to the homework, the children will bring home 5 spellings to learn each week. These will be linked to the phonic sounds taught that week.
The children should aim to read every day at home to practise their reading skills and to consolidate the phonics learning happening in school.

Useful websites/Resources

Phonics Play

Interactive phonics game. Please select 'Phase 5'. 

Read with Fonics

This site and accompanying app explores all the sounds we are learning and includes all the phases.  It is available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Resources

Free Phase 5 Resources for the Letters and Sounds phonics teaching programme. Bright, colourful individual word cards. All resources can be downloaded and printed free!

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