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Spring Term 2023



In the first half term we will begin by reading the story 'Katie in London', using this to explore the famous landmarks in London we can visit today. We will then go back in time to explore what London streets would have looked like in 1666, before reading the story 'Toby and The Great Fire of London.' We will be using drama to explore how it might have felt to have helped to put out the fire, and we will be writing diary entries inspired by Samuel Pepys.

After Half Term we will begin by reading the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and we will use this hook to find out the locations and names of the coldest parts of our planet. We will find out what it is like to live on a research station in Antarctica and we will think about what we would need to pack to take with us. We will then be learning about the famous explorer, Ernest Shackleton, discovering what happened on his Endurance Expedition to the South Pole. We will be using drama to help us imagine what it would have been like to have been stranded on Elephant Island, before writing diary entries as one of the stranded crew.

Phonics and Reading :

Phonics will continue to be taught regularly during the Spring Term. In addition to daily practise of Phase 3 sounds and Phase 4 blends, we will be looking at Phase 5 sounds - those alternative ways of writing previously learnt sounds. 

We encourage the children to read every day at home and in school they will continue to participate in a weekly Guided Reading session with an adult, reading a book set at their current Phonics level which they will then take home to continue reading.


Phonic Screening Parent Meeting:

It was great to see you at our meeting about the phonics screening which will be taking place during the week beginning 12th June 2023.

If you were unable to make it, we have linked the PowerPoint slides below for you to see. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.

Phonics Parent Meeing Powerpoint Slides


In the first half of the Spring Term, we will be exploring place value to 20 and addition and subtraction to 20.

After the half term, we will explore place value to 50.  We will then explore measurement through looking at length and height and then mass and volume.


This term our Science unit will be 'Animals, Including Humans'. We will be exploring the different classifications of animals (mammal, reptile, bird etc) and identifying their characteristics (naming body parts etc).  We will also be carrying out investigations into the human senses and name different human body parts.


In the first half of the Spring Term, we will be learning about the Great Fire of London.  We will be learning what caused the fire, why it spread so quickly and how it was eventually put out.

After the half term, the children will be learning about the famous ‘Endurance Expedition’ that was undertaken by Shackleton and his men.  We will learn how the adventure went disastrously wrong but through teamwork and great leadership the crew were rescued after the sinking of their ship.


In the first half term we will be focussing on ball skills - practising throwing, catching, bouncing and balancing balls. In the second half of the term we will be practising attacking and defending skills during our outdoors lesson, and developing our fundamental movement skills during our indoor session.

PSHE and Relationships

Throughout the Spring term the children will be considering how they can keep themselves safe in a range of situations.  They will look at internet safety and stranger danger as well as how to keep themselves safe inside the home e.g. medicine and electrical safety and outside the home for example water and rail safety.


In art the children will be exploring portraits and different ways of creating them.  The children will look at adding colour to their portraits, making pop art portraits and collage portraits whilst being inspired by famous artists such as Paul Klee and Picasso. 

In computing the children will be working with a friend and creating an ebook about things that are special to them.  They will be adding sound, images and text to their ebook.  After the half term, the children will be using an app called garageband in order to create sound patterns.

Religious Education

In the first half of the Spring Term, the children will be introduced to the Jewish faith and will explore Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest.

After the half term, the children will explore the Christian Easter story and consider the question ‘why is Easter so important to Christians?


Homework will be set on a Friday and must be handed in on the following Wednesday.  It will consist of a task based on a curriculum area which will support work completed in the classroom.  The children will also bring home a phonic book to share with you. It will help if you can practise together the sounds taught. In addition to the homework, the children will bring home 5 spellings to learn each week. These will be linked to the phonic sounds taught that week.
The children should aim to read every day at home to practise their reading skills and to consolidate the phonics learning happening in school.

Useful websites/Resources

Phonics Play

Interactive phonics game. Please select 'Phase 5'. 

Read with Fonics

This site and accompanying app explores all the sounds we are learning and includes all the phases.  It is available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Resources

Free Phase 5 Resources for the Letters and Sounds phonics teaching programme. Bright, colourful individual word cards. All resources can be downloaded and printed free!

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