Football (Year 3 and 4) - Monday 6th  February
On Monday, we took a team of Year 3 and 4 children to Bucklers Mead to compete against 10 other schools. This is the first time these children have played together and they showed great determination,  impeccable sportsmanship and fantastic team spirit. Well done boys!
Year 3 4 football Feb 22.jpg
Football (Year 5 and 6) - Monday 23rd January
On Monday 23rd, we took a team of boys to a football tournament at Bucklers Mead. Schools were encouraged to bring children who hadn't previously represented their school team or had many opportunities to do so. Becuase of this, these children haven't played together often, so I was really impressed with how well they worked together. Considering this, and the fact the games were very short, we were very happy with the performances and how solid we were defensively.
Holy Trinity 0 -0 Birchfield
Holy Trinity 0-0 Preston
Holy Trinity 0-2 East Coker
Holy Trinity 0-0 St Gildas
Holy Trinity 1-0 Milford
Holy Trinity 3-1 SPJS
Holy Trinity 0-0 Oaklands
Football B team January 23rd.jpg
Charlie D (Year 6)
All of us at Holy Trinity are so immensely proud of Charlie. He was made captain for his Junior Premier League Team, Saints Southwest, on Saturday for the first time and has been officially made vice-captain. Charlie trains really hard three times a week, and plays both Saturdays and Sundays in the Junior Premier League and in his local grass roots team. This dedication, determination and resilience will enable Charlie to continuously improve and make the most of his ability! Keep it up Charlie!
Charlie D.jpg
Boys Football (Year 5 and 6) - January 16th
A huge well done to the boys team who performed fantastically once again at Bucklers Mead. As always, they played together as a team and showed great determination in tough games. The passing on show, as well as effort to get back and defend was admirable. What also stood out was the children's patience when having to wait for their next game due to there being 11 teams there. Results:
Holy Trinity 2-0 All Saints
Holy Trinity 3-0 Oaklands
Holy Trinity 5-0 Martock
Holy Trinity 1-0 Countess Gytha
Football Bucklers 16-1-23.jpg
Boys Football - November 2022
On Monday 28th, we took a team of boys to a competition at Bucklers Mead. They played incredibley well and managed to get some very positive results. Well done boys! Results:
Holy Trinity 0-0 South Petherton
Holy Trinity 2-0 Oaklands
Holy Trinity 7-1 Countess Gytha
Football B team.JPG
Modern Biathle - November 2022
Harry D represented Holy Trinity in the British Schools Modern Biathlon which was held at Leweston.  He finished second in his year group which will give him a time to be added to the Nationa Rankings List for the Championship that will take place in March 2023.  We are immensely proud - well done.
Girls Futsal - November 2022
The Year 5 and 6 girls football team put it an immense effort at a futsal tournament yesterday (24th November.) Despite having very limited futsal experience, they really took to it with a fantastic attitude and togetherness, displaying the rainbow value of cooperation. Results:
Holy Trinity 0-0 St Michaels
Holy Trinity 0-0 Oaklands
Holy Trinity 0-1 Huish
Holy Trinity 2-0 St Gildas
Boys Football - November 2022
What an effort the boys put in on Monday night (21st November) at Bucklers Mead Academy. They played 6 games and remained unbeaten throughout. Their behaviour, teamwork and overall attitude was exemplary and was commented on by staff from other schools. Results were as follows:
Holy Trinity 1-0 Birchfield
Holy Trinity 0-0 Oaklands
Holy Trinity 3-0 Kingfisher
Holy Trinity 1-0 Queen Camel 
Holy Trinity 2-0 South Petherton
Holy Trinity 1-0 St Michaels Academy
Girl's Football - October 2022
This week, the Year 5 and 6 girls competed against 9 other schools at Bucklers Mead Academy. They played really well and showed great spirit and teamwork. A huge well done!
Bucklers 11-10-22.jpg
Football - October 2022
The 5-6 boys played in a tournament this week, playing and behaving really well. They finished up 3rd in their group, and played Oaklands in the Playoff, winning 3-0, to gain 5th place.  Well done.
Quad Kids Athletics - July 2022
We are very proud of the 16 children that were chosen to represent the school at the South Somerset Quad Kids athletics event.  Each child have to take part in a sprint, long distance run, throw and a standing jump with points awarded for the quickest and longest.  The year 3-4 team WON the competition and qualify for the COUNTY FINALS whilst the year 5-6 team finished 6th.  Congratulations to them all. 
Year 3-4 team: Olivia, Jess, Ava, Pippa, Romeo, Maison, Joe, Aiden
Year 5-6 team: Charlotte, Lily-Rose, Eva, Anna, Euan, Ethan, Finley, Sam
Football - June 2022
A selection from years 5-6 attended a friendly tournament on Monday 27th.  It was fantastic to see new faces in the football team, some excellent teamwork and effort.  It was some of the best football that we have played all year, retaining possession of the ball for most of the games.  We look forward to building on this next year. 
'Beat the Street' - May- June 2022
Congratulations to all that took part in the active initiative during the months of May and June. Holy Trinity finished third in the overall leaderboard which is a huge achievement.  Two special mentions go to Lily and Archie who finished third and fourth in the individual leaderboard.
Tennis Tournament- June 2022
We were incredibly proud of our two mixed tennis teams who represented the school wonderfully well at Yeovil Tennis Club. Team B managed to get silver medals and have now qualified for the regional finals. A wonderful effort from all 8 children!
Bikeability - May 2022
We were delighted to put through 50 children from years 5 and 6 to partake on the Bikeabilty Course with all of them passing the Level 1 and Level 2 elements which saw them pass the provision to cycle on roads.  
Dance Show - April 2022
The dance club performed at the Octagon theatre in front of many other groups.  Having to wait until the end of the night to perform, the children were implecable!  We are so proud of them, their confidence and enthusiasm. 
Tag-Rugby - March 2022
The Year 5-6 team played some friendly matches against some local schools.  It was a great way to finish our rugby club and was great to see all of the children apply the skills that they learned into their first competitive matches.  Results:
HT: 3 - 0 Oaklands
HT 6 - 1 Chilthorne Domer
HT 4- 2 East Coker
Somerset Sports Hall Athletics Finals - February 2022
Congratulations to all of the children that represented South Somerset at the Athletics County Finals.  The children took part in a range of sprint, obstacle and field events.  We are pleased to announce that the year 5/6 team finished second overall - a massive achievement!
Bucklers Mead Football Festival- February 2022
A huge well done to all of the Year 4 children who competed at the football festival at Bucklers Mead. They played games against Oaklands, St Michaels, Countess Gytha, Norton Sub Hamdon and Milford and played really well in all of the games. Some fantastic goals were scored and real team spirit displayed despite the fact that it was their first time playing together. It was also fantastic to see the children volunteering to go in goal or be a substitute so that everyone could have a go in different positions. A real sign of things to come!
Holy Trinity 1 - 1 St Michaels
Holy Trinity 1 - 3 Milford Community School
Holy Trinity 1 - 1 Countess Gytha
Holy Trinity 0 - 0 Oaklands Primary School
Holy Trinity 3 - 1 Norton Sub Hamdon
Cross Country Results:
Congratualtions to all children that took park.  Over 400 children, from schools around the area, raced.
December 2021 - Sporting Achievement: 

Eva in Class 13 was awarded the ‘Skills Squad Girl’ trophy at YDSC over the Christmas holidays for being a positive role model to the rest of the children in her squad.  Showing that she is an excellent leader and supportive person.

30/6/21: Athletic's Finals 2021.

Congratulations to the year 3/4 and 5/6 athletics teams that took part in the County Finals.

The year 3/4 team finished 2nd in the county; the 5/6 team finished 3rd.


3/4: Aliza H, Ellie Y, Ava F, Ellie R, Millie H-F, Lanaiya, Jess B, Ava H, Tiffany C, Isla R, Daniel P, Ethan W, Theo R, Louie G, Stanley M, Harry D, Jack C-B, Teddy C, Charlie H, Jack P


5/6:Ruby P, Lucy L, Isabella C, Sydney H, Lacey M, Edith B, Sophie A, Megan F, Charlie M, Theo W, Ronnie R, Ben S, Will T, Giulio D'A, Josh H, Christopher W, Harry T, Harry F


20/1/21: Virtual Cross-Country:

During the Autumn Term, the school partook in Virtual Cross-country.  Here are the results:

Year 1-2


Year 3-4


Year 5-6


17/1/21: Indoor Athletics:

Last term, children from years 3-6 took part in a virtual Indoor Athletics Competition.  During PE lessons, the children took part in several events: sprint, long distance run, vertical jump, long jump, throw, and the top scores were put forwards to form a 'team'.  These results were put up against all other entries from the South Somerset District.

Congratulations to the year 3-4 team who finished first with a total points tally of 1819.

Congratulations to the year 5-6 team who also finished first with a total points tally of 2280.

We will now move on to County Finals (Covid depending will take place on 18th June 2021; venue yet to be confirmed).

11/3/20: Cross Country Race 5 Results


14/2/20: Indoor Athletics Finals:

On the last day of the half term, the Indoor Athletics team attended the county finals in Wellington, after qualifying as winners from the Yeovil area event.  After weeks of training and hard work, the team finished 3rd!   This is the second year running that we have taken away a medal from the finals and we are extremely pleased of how well the children have dedicated their time to train and compete in these events and how well the school has progressed over recent years.  We would like to take the opportunity, once again, to thank all of the parents and grandparents that support and help make time so that your children are able to experience these events.  Congratulations to the team!


28/1/20: Year 6 Basketball:

Well done to all of those that attended the basketball festival; it was hugely successful and it was great to see more children involved in a different competitive sport.

Team 1:                                                         Team 2:

HT 0-0 Birchfield                                             HT (team 2)  1-2 HT

HT 4-2 HT (team 2)                                        HT 6-0 Martock

HT 6-0 Chilthorne Domer                                 HT 6-0 Chilthorn Domer

HT 4-0 Martock

2/12/19: Year 6 Girls' Football:

Thank you to all of the girls in year 6 who have showed huge enthusiasm and commitment in representing our school at a mini fesitval held at Bucklers Mead.  

Team 1:

HT 1 - East Coker 0
HT 0 - Ash 0
HT 1 - St Michaels 0
HT 1 - Birchfield 0
HT 1- Milford 0
HT 2 - South Petherton 0


Team 2:

HT 0 - Ash 4
HT 1 - South Petherton 1
HT 0 - East Coker 0
HT 0 - St Michaels 2
HT 0 - Birchfield 1
HT 0 - Milford 3


19/11/19: Year 5/6 Indoor Athletics South Somerset Finals:

Congratulations to the team who had previously qualified from the regional event.  Today we were able to call ourselves the South Somerset Indoor Athletics Champions with a total points tally of 297! We will now go forward to the county finals which will take place in the new year against all of the other district winners.  This is the second year in a row that we have qualified for the county finals and we will try to beat last year's result of third place.


Team: Ben M, Leia-Rose, Rhys R, Hannah M, Charlie S, Harry R, Rhys P, Theo W, Sophie A, Olivia G, Amber G, Daisy K, Ronnie R, Charlie M, Reuben J, Isabella C, Tilly B, Bethany W, Ben S.

18/11/19: Year 5/6 'A' Team football:

Well done to those who competed in the final 'A' Team football event before Christmas. 


HT 1-0 Huish

HT 1-0 South Petherton

HT 0-1 Birchfield

HT 0-0 Preston

HT 1-0 Milford 

HT 2-0 St Michaels

11/11/19: Year 5/6 'B' Team football:


HT 1 - Martock 0
HT 0 - East Coker 0
HT 4 - Ilchester 0
HT 0 - Preston 0
HT 2 - Milford 0
HT 0 Huish 2

6/11/19: Cross-Country - Race 2:


5/11/19:  District Football Finals

The year 5-6 team played in the South Somerset District finals with the ambition to qualify for the country finals (needing to reach the final of the competition to do so).  The team played incredibly well but unfortunately missed out on a place in the final after taking the lead through a Harry R free-kick, hitting the post on another occasion, but conceeding late and finally crashing out in the semi-finals on penalties! We did, however, win the 3rd / 4th place play-off and will now be on stand-by in case another school cannot attend the finals.  Well done to the team: Phoebe, Ronnie, Theo W, Oliver M, Reuben, Charlie, Harry R, Ben S


Group Stage:                                Semi-final:                                                                3rd/4th playoff

HT 0-2 Birchfield                         HT 1-1 East Coker (lost on penalties)                          HT 8 - 1 Swanmead

HT 1-0 Castle Cary

HT 2-1 Maiden Beach



Year 2 were very fortunate to be invited to a KS1 multi-skills event that was held at Westfield Academy. Ten children from both Class 5 and Class 6 were chosen and they took part in many activities including: dribbling footballs and hockey balls; jumping over an obstacle; throwing bean bags into a box; long jump; beating our personal bests at skipping and balancing a tennis ball on a racket. It was a fantastic opportunity and we all have a brilliant time and of course, had lots of fun!

22/10/19: Tag-Rugby

The years 5/6 team attended a tag-rugby fesitval which was held at Yeovil Rugby Club.  I was so impressed with the children's performances, team work, enthusiasm and sportsmanship.  Well done to Harry, Rhys, Lewis, Ronnie, Theo, Oliver, Daisy, Poppy H-W, Charlotte.

Results (number of tries scored):

HT 5-3 Chilthorne Domer

HT 4-2 East Coker 

HT 7-0 Ash

HT 3-2 Norton

HT 7-3 Preston 


Holy Trinity Chruch School have been awarded the Gold School Games Mark award for our commitment to engagment and delivery of competitive school sports.


We have been very lucky to purchase a new football kit with the help of Towers Wills who are an estate agents in Yeovil. We are very appreciative of their support. 

Cross-country: Ninesprings.
We are delighted with the number of children who are representing the school at the cross country events; over fifty children, from across all age groups attended the race at Ninesprings.
ESFA Girls' Football 5/6:
Thank you for all of the girls that took part in the 5/6 football festival that was held at Westfield Academy.  We were able to enter two teams and were the only school doing so.  Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and the great spirit that you showed during the competition.  
ESFA Football 5/6:
Congratulations to the years 5/6 team that have qualified for the ESFA District finals to be held in November. 
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