Special Education Needs – Local Offer

At Holy Trinity Church School we believe that everyone can pursue excellence, whatever their ability or needs. We base our provision around the Somerset Core Standards for all children and young people (4 - 16)

We have high expectations of all our children and work towards ensuring that all pupils, including those with SEN, make the best possible progress at school.

All our children access and enjoy a wide range of varied, exciting learning opportunities, with quality first teaching in an inclusive environment at the heart of all that we do.

We embrace the fact that all children are individuals, who have unique educational and emotional needs and aspirations. As a result, children require different strategies for learning and can acquire, assimilate and communicate information at different rates. Using our UPLIFT philosophy, our approach to teaching and learning is adapted accordingly creating an exciting, challenging and nurturing learning environment.

Miss Claire West is our SENCO and Inclusion Leader.

SEN Policy

Special Education Needs - Report to Governors

Special Education Needs - SEN Information Report

Special Education Needs Accessibility Plan

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