School Uniform


We are very proud of our school uniform, and expect all children to come to school smartly dressed as follows:

WINTER UNIFORM (from Autumn half term until Easter Break):
White collared cotton shirt
School tie
Holy Trinity sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
Grey or black school skirt or trousers

SUMMER UNIFORM (from Summer term until Autumn half term):
Yellow & white summer dress
Grey or black school shorts
Sensible sandals with socks
Holy Trinity Summer shirt with school logo

Plain dark or white socks, black or dark school shoes (no trainers)
Please note that Winter uniform can be worn all year round

Yellow-collared T-shirt with school logo
Plain black shorts
Daps or trainers

BAGS (Children can choose from):
Holy Trinity Book Bag with school logo
Holy Trinity Backpack with school logo


Jewellery should not be worn to school except for a watch and stud earrings. Hairstyles and accessories should be used to keep hair tidy and not for fashion purposes i.e. no oversized hair bands, clips or hair bobbles or excessive braiding. Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied back at all times. 

Please note that heads of the school are provided with a yellow Holy Trinity sweatshirt when they are appointed.

Uniform specific to Holy Trinity can be purchased at the School Uniform Shop in Yeovil (01935 478178).

School Uniform List and Prices

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