Recovery Curriculum

Our Recovery Curriculum has been designed with the concept of ‘Equality of Opportunity’ as a foundation.  For Holy Trinity, 'Equality of Opportunity' is focused on providing all our children with a level playing field during the time that they are in our school building and are part of our community so that they can all thrive and grow into determined and successful people.

The Covid-19 Pandemic that we have experienced has impacted so many lives and will have impacted the educational opportunities of many children. Due to the circumstances that different families have encountered, our children will have received a spectrum of home learning support. It is therefore essential that Holy Trinity provides all of our children with the essential learning from their previous Year Group to enable them to progress forward equally, while also providing opportunities to challenge and enhance the learning of children who are ready to deepen their understanding of the skills and knowledge gained from the Home Learning provided during the Lock-Down period.

The goal is to have provided all the essential learning from a child’s previous Year Group and completed all the learning for the new Year Group by the end of this Academic Year (20/21).  This will not be an easy thing to complete as our curriculum is already overflowing with content that must be covered. However, we have a plan.

We will approach this in different ways. The Teaching Staff are using ‘curriculum progression grids’ to identify how the learning statements have been covered and are highlighting them as follows:

We have used these statements to analyse our progression grids to identify the essential learning that needs to be covered.


The Academic Year will be divided into four phases:

Phase 1:

This will happen during the first half term and will focus initially on inviting all our children back into our school in a safe and happy way. We will plan transition and settling-in sessions and use what we have learnt from the initial reopening to support those children who were not able to return.

As we move throughout the new term, the Teachers will focus on recapping and extending the children using the planning documents that have been created, initially focusing on learning that cannot be integrated into other learning that will happen later in the year. The children will also start the new topics for their current year so that, hopefully, the merging of the two approaches will provide the children with a more normal feeling about their learning and help us all to move through this crisis successfully.

Nearing the end of the half term, the children will complete the Summer Assessments that they missed from their previous Year Group. These assessments, along with the work produced in their books and information that Teachers have gathered from being with the children, will be used to provide an end-of-year judgement on your child’s outcomes. We will then use this information to report to you using the Summer Learning Profile that you will have already received. We will then arrange phone or video conversations with you after Half Term to update parents and carers.

The information gathered from this first half term will enable us to determine how to spend the Government’s catch-up money that has been promised to the school. This money will be used to target children who have fallen behind from their previous learning outcomes in March 2020. Teachers will be able to speak about this during the first parent. phone or video conversation.

Phase 2-4:

These will each be around 10 weeks long and will end with assessments and parent consultations to discuss the children’s outcomes. Children’s outcomes will be reviewed and interventions put in place if they are required.

Please see below the documents that have been created to support this process. You will see that, for each Year Group, there is a word document that gives you access to all the Progression Grids that the Teachers have highlighted using the colour coding system (see above).  There is also a Recovery Curriculum plan on how and when the learning will be completed throughout the year. Finally, there is a Curriculum Leaflet for the 1st half term with a summary on the learning that will be happening. Please note EYFS is the exception to this.

Please note that these are working documents that have been shared with parents to provide transparency and clarity on our curriculum approach. You will see that the progression grids are named with the previous years year group as the Recovery Curriculum focuses on making sure essential learning from this year group is covered in the new academic year. To view the progression grids, you may need to dowload using a laptop or desktop computer rather than a mobile phone. 

Update - Post School Closure Janaury 4th to March 5th 2021

PLease see the update Recovery Curriculum plan that details the changes made after the school closure between January and March. 




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