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School Meal Bookings - Summer Term 2020

Education Plan - Reception, Year 1 and Year 6



Question and Answers

Question: How many children will be in school from Monday 1 June in total?

Answer: 92

Question: How many reception children in total will be returning on 1 June?

Answer: 42

Question: Will keyworker children of reception age be mixed in with non-keyworker children of the same age?

Answer: Yes they will be, but they will only stay in that group. Part of the reason we are unable to run Breakfast club is to stop the mixing of different groups and a significant part of our risk assessment focuses on preventing mixing of individuals and groups. 

Question: How will the day be structured, other than the start and finish times which we know about - will they have their usual break times and lunch time and how will you ensure during these times that social distancing is maintained between the class groups?

Answer: Please see our risk assessment when it is added to the website as this will provide details on this.

Question: Will the children be able to go to the toilet when they need to? 

Answer: Yes. Please see our risk assessment when it is added to the website as this will provide details on this.

Question: What will the policy be if a child is injured - will someone be able to tend to grazed knees etc in the normal way even though that would mean getting closer to a child than might be desired?

Answer: Please see our risk assessment when it is added to the website as this will provide details on this.

Question: If I decide to keep my child at home and had originally requested a place will I lose that place?

Answer: We will hold the place indefinitely unless another child requires a place. You will be phoned to check if you want the place. If you do not, you will then be placed onto a waiting list.

Question: If we decided not to send my child back to school, would they just continue with home learning set on the website

Answer: Yes, home learning for all other children will continue.

Question: Will the year groups always be taught separately, except for keyworker children in years other than Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, who I understand might be in mixed age groups?

Answer: Currently, there are no plans to mix year groups.

Question: What will happen when the school is able to start readmitting year groups 2-5?  How will that affect my child who is already in school being able to come to school every day?

Answer: We have no information from the Government on what phase 2 will look like or how it will affect other children.

Question: Should I bring my home learning book and home work book back to school?

Answer: At the moment we are asking that all books stay at home and only minimal items are transfered between home and school. We hope to celebrate this work with the children when it is appopriate to do so. 

Question: What do happens if my child requires medicine during the day? 

Answer: Please complete an electronic version of our medical form. See link below and email to After you have dropped your child off to their classroom please take the medicine to the side office near the main office and speak to Mrs Horner through the window. 


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