New Starters

New Starters 2020

Firstly, welcome to Holy Trinity Church School. We are so pleased that you have joined our very special school and we look forward to seeing you in September. Because of the current Covid-19 situation that we find ourselves in, we may not be able to provide our normal induction process. We believe in gaining a strong understanding of our children and parents. The process that we have used for the last few years has been focused on transferring the secure attachment your child feels towards you to the teachers in school, so they are able to settle quickly and confidently into school life. This process will be harder to achieve this year, but we will strive to do our very best to provide your child with the best transition into our school.

Below there is a wide variety of information that is important. We have recorded a video tour of the school if you were unable to visit that you can share with your child and a welcome from the three teachers in EYFS.

There are also a number of documents that will need to be signed and returned and these have been emailed to you.

The link below is of a letter that will have been emailed to you.

New intake acceptance letter

Video Tour:

Mrs Witcombe - Class 1

Mrs Veryard and Mrs Harris- Class 2

Documents to sign and return by email to

New Starter booklet Sept 2020

Useful Information:

Holy Trinity Parental Guidance 2019/2020

Code of conduct for Parents and Carers

Basic Code

Number Rhymes to 10

Brightest Beginnings

Brightest Beginnings are an OFSTED registered ‘Outstanding’ Childcare provider who operate out of Holy Trinity’s Trinity Hall. Please see their leaflet.

Brightest Beginnings After School Care

Useful Websites:

Here are some links to different websites which have a range of activities, games and clips that you may find useful.

Activities your child can complete at home:

As well as using the website links above to access activities and games, we will also place an activity your child could complete each day, whilst they are at home:
Body Percussion - Have a go at clapping out different beats and rhythms
Farm Themed Cutting Skills Activity  - Have a go at cutting around the different shapes and make your own farm scene
Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt - Whilst out on a walk see if you can spot these items and tick them off
Minibeasts Colour By Numbers - Colour in the different insects by looking at the right colour for each number
Environmental Sounds Home Challenge - Listen to the different sounds you can hear inside your house or in the garden. What can you hear?
Bunny Hop Pencil Control Worksheets - See if you can follow the bunny hop lines with your pencil
The Gingerbread Man Pattern Tracing - Trace over the patterns on The Gingerbread Man. Now colour them in to make your Gingerbread Man colourful
Toys Home Learning Challenge Activity - Have a look at these challenges all about toys. How do your toys work? What is your favourite toy and why?
Pizza Shape Colouring Activity - Can you colour the shapes the right colour on the pizza? What are the names of the shapes?
Initial Letter Sounds - Have a look at the picture and see if you can say what each item is. Can you say what letter sound these items begin with?
Pencil Control Activities - Have a go at copying over the lines with your pencil. Take your time and see if you can stay on the lines.
Under the Sea Counting - Have a go at counting the items that live under the sea. How many are there? Can you have a go at writing the number?
Scissor Cutting Skills -  There are different sheets that could be printed off but if you can't print them out they can be drawn on a piece of paper. 
I Spy and Counting Activity - Have at go at counting the different minibeasts. How many are there of each insect?
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