Music Vision

Our music vision is for all pupils to experience a variety of music genres – confidently listening to, and appraising pieces; and being inspired to create and perform their own compositions inspired by what they have heard.

In addition to this, we are proud to be able to offer our children the opportunity to learn a broad range of different instruments throughout their time at Holy Trinity.  By the time our children leave us, they are confident to take their music learning forwards, be it continuing with individual music tuition, or simply having a love of music.



  • To enable all our children to develop a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills in each subject, integrating this into their long term memory.


  • To instil high aspirations in all our children, building a positive mind-set and a sense of belonging by tailoring to our children’s needs.


  • To enable our children to flourish in all areas of our deep and focused curriculum that provides wide opportunities, creating positive school memories.

Together in God’s Promises, Goodness and Love

  • Children to feel confident at expressing their beliefs and to have an awareness and sensitivity of diversity that will enable them to succeed in our modern world.

At Holy Trinity Church School, our vision is that all children will leave us having been exposed to a wide repertoire of music as well as having the opportunity to learn a range of tuned instruments. 


Music is taught from EYFS through to Year 6. We follow a scheme of work called 'Charanga' which ensures that the children cover the following elements each year:

  • Play and Perform:
    - Singing
    - Playing instruments
    - Performance
  • Create and Compose:
    - Composition
    - Improvisation
  • Listen and Appraise a wide range of music
  • History of Music relevant to the year group foundation subject topics

Throughout the year, all the children have the opportunity to participate in musical performances including:

  • EYFS - Year 4 - Christmas production
  • Year 5 - Summer Term production
  • Year 6 - Summer Term production  

Throughout the year, the children experience a range of live music opportunities, including visits to local theatre performances and West End musicals; touring theatre companies visiting school; participating in events organised by the BWMAT and Diocese; performances by local secondary school music departments.

Extra-curricular Music and Performing Arts opportunities have previously been provided in the form of Recorder club, Choir and Dancing, including country dancing, maypole dancing and an external dance club. In the current Covid climate, we have reintroduced choir.

Instrumental tuition

Throughout their time at Holy Trinity, the children have the opportunity to learn the following instruments:

  • Ocarina - Year 1
  • Glockenspiel - Year 2 and 3
  • Recorder - Year 2 and 3
  • Brass - Year 4
  • Clarinet - Year 5

Individual lessons in brass and clarinet are offered from Year 4 upwards.

Music in Action

Choir performing at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Fete 

Choir perfoming in Key Stage 2 worship - Oct 2022
Choir performing in the Remembrance Service - Nov 2022

Year R

Year 4 - Whole Class Ensemble Tuition - Brass

Year 4 - Handchimes

Year 4 - Composing a Viking Battle piece of music

Year 4 perform the handchimes in worship

Year 5 - Whole Class Ensemble Tuition - Clarinet

Year 5 Clarinet players performing to other classes


Year 5 and 6 play the clarinet in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee worship

Year 6 Clarinet players performing to other classes


Music Skills and Progression


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