Modern Foreign Languages



  • To enable all our children to develop a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills in each subject, integrating this into their long term memory.


  • To instil high aspirations in all our children, building a positive mind-set and a sense of belonging by tailoring to our children’s needs.


  • To enable our children to flourish in all areas of our deep and focused curriculum that provides wide opportunities, creating positive school memories.

 Together in God’s Promises, Goodness and Love

  • Children to feel confident at expressing their beliefs and to have an awareness and sensitivity of diversity that will enable them to succeed in our modern world.


MFL (French) is taught weekly in Key Stage 2 for four half-terms out of six, by a Subject Specialist Teacher during Class Teachers’ PPA sessions. Each lesson lasts one hour.

The planning is based on a resource from CGP - “Salut!” - and adapted to meet the needs of learners at Holy Trinity. Across Key Stage 2, pupils will be introduced to key French vocabulary in a range of topics that will enable them to understand, speak, read and write to a basic standard.  They will develop the ability to ask and answer questions to clarify their understanding. 

The CGP Salut! resource provides opportunities for listening, speaking, reading, spelling, grammar, singing and individual, group and class games in a fun and engaging context.  The aim is to develop in pupils an enthusiasm for learning a modern foreign language and a desire to further this skill as they move into Key Stage 3. Alongside the learning of the language, it is important that pupils learn about the culture of the country they are studying and so opportunities are incorporated into lessons as appropriate. 

French Overview 2021-22

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