We use a House system across the whole school. All children and staff are allocated a House: Lynx (green), Gazelle (yellow), Merlin (red) or Sea King (blue), named after Westland Helicopters. Each class has a chart to display the class house points for the week. House points are awarded for good effort, attitude, behaviour or academic achievement that matches the abilities and expectations we have of each individual child. The House Points are collected each week and the Headteacher announces the winning House of the Week in the Work of the Week Worship. The winning House Captains are then invited to attach the ribbons representing their House on to the House Cup. At the end of each half term, the winning house earns the privilege of a non-school uniform day. All children are encouraged to support one another within their own house, but also to appreciate the success of others with appropriate praise and encouragement.

The House Captains are elected at the beginning of each year. They have to prepare a presentation for their house so that the other members can carefully consider who they would like to choose as their representatives for the year.

Our House Captains are: Oliva (Gazelle), Harry (Sea King), Eva (Lynx) and Kitty (Merlin)

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