Diversity learning in action

2021-2022 Academic Year

Spring 2: Cultures

Across the school, we have been learning about cultures around the world. 

Year 2 have been extremely lucky and we welcomed two guests to school to tell us all about their culture in India. We learned about the food that they eat, what they wear and the animals that live wild in India! We then learned some traditional Indian dances and we learned how to create Rangoli patterns. We learned that Rangoli patterns are very special patterns that they make to put outside and inside their house.

We learned a great deal and we appreciate our guests coming in to teach us for the afternoon!

Spring 1: Appearances

Across the school, we have been learning about how diverse our appearances are. 

Year 2 have been exploring how our skin, hair and eye colour can all be different. We may also have other characteristics that make us unique such as; glasses, freckles, moles or hearing aids. There are many different ways that we are diverse in our appearances. We then used a mirror to look at our own appearance to help us to create a self-portrait.

Year 4 explored visible disabilities in their Community time. After a lengthy discussion, the children created a cartoon character that had a visible disability. They then had to explain why characters with a visible difference should be seen in a positive light. 

Year 5 have been exploring how each and every one of us is unique and different. The children explored what makes them unique and special. 

Autumn 2: Our Brains

This half term, we have been learning about how our brains are diverse. In the whole school worship this half term, we learned about people who are now famous or very successful because their brain worked differently to others and this was a huge advantage for them. For example, Einstein had dyslexia and he found reading and writing difficult. However, he loved science and maths. The way his brain worked and learned helped him to discover significant things. 

Year 1 have been learning about the different parts of our brain. They looked at how we can stretch and challenge our brains. 

Autumn 1: Families
Each half term, a new theme of Diversity is introduced to the whole school. This half term we are focusing on our families and how diverse families can be. We all have a family but there will always be differences. 
In Year 2, we explored our own families and created our own family trees as part of our homework. We then presented to the class our family tree and we discussed how different our families all are! 
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