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Our approach to phonics called 'Essential Phonics' is based upon 'letters and sounds'. At Holy Trinity, this is known as our 'basic code'. Information about this approach is shared with parents through evening meetings, demonstration lessons and leaflets and documents.

This approach is carefully monitored by the KS1 Assistant Head Teacher. Children in Year 1 take a National Phonics Screening Test: we have consitently above national averages.

Information to support your child with phonics can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


We use a variety of reading materials to support children with their reading. Books from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme, Bug Club Scheme and other quality materials are used. Childrens' reading diet is carefully tracked so that they experience a broad range of material. Books are categorised in line with National Standards and children are encouraged to be successful in their reading with a further challenge where appropriate. 

Children take part in Guided Reading activities in class where teachers and teaching assistants challenge their understanding of a text at a level above their individual reading abilities.

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