We have developed an approach to learning in line with the New Curriculum to enable all children to be enthused, motivated and excited by learning. This approach is known as UPLIFT. UPLIFT is a Tailored Learning approach, where the teacher responds to learning on a daily basis, ensuring all children are supported and challenged to achieve in their learning. This work is shared with parents at the Curriculum meetings in September, and further information is provided with each term through written reports home, and at Parent Information Meetings.

As a staff, we welcome the opportunity to enhance our Curriculum work further.  Our School Development Plan is carefully written by all staff, responding to the Self-Evaluation of the school which is carried out by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors. Staff take the lead in different areas of the overall Development Plan, and key people are identified to carry out Evaluation work following the monitoring activities of the groups.  The children are also involved in reviewing and contributing to our Curriculum through their Leadership Roles as Junior Governors (see children's section of this website).

We believe in active learning, based on direct experience wherever possible. Our aim is to help each child to become independent and responsible. The children progress through a carefully balanced, regularly reviewed programme, which covers all areas of the New National Curriculum.

The children present their Learning in the Foundation Subjects in their individual Learning Journals.  These demonstrate learning progression across a subject, and also provide them with the opportunity to review their learning and demonstrate the standards they have met.

The History element of our Curriculum has a specific focus, and we have dedicated a discrete book for this work.  This will provide the children with a greater sense of Chronology as they progress through the school and move through 'time'.

The Geographical skills the children learn have a direct impact on their understanding of the World and the role Britain has within that context.  Where there are links with History and other areas of the Curriculum, these are seized and referred to so that learning is real and relevant.

Our Computing Curriculum is exciting and innovative as the children learn about Algorithms and develop their understanding of this key element of everyday life.  Learning to Code and the meaning and understanding of Algorithms will enable our children to Programme.

Our Science Curriculum has been further enhanced as we were already focusing on the distinct areas of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Our Forest School area has been a significant addition to the school and will be used further for our children to make connections with plants, seasons, the weather and our local environment.

Our Curriculum has been designed to emphasise our unique role in modern Britain and the impact of all areas of learning in our life today and indeed in the future.

The class pages will provide you with further detail as will the Curriculum Leaflets which are produced each term.

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