Community Time

Community Time Meetings replace our 'School Council' as we feel this new approach is much more Inclusive and responds more effectively to the views of the children.

Classes meet together for at least two 30 minute sessions per week, discussing and debating current issues that are of significance to the children or our whole school community. This is also a time when children reflect on their 'life journey', recording key moments and special memories in their Treasure Books.

The whole school meet for Community Time in their classes, but representatives from each class are invited to attend a 'Whole School Community Time' Meeting with Mr Beauford in the Meeting Room. Children come prepared to contribute to the meeting and are keen to share their ideas. Often, the same group will return to the next meeting so that they can give further advice on the progress of a particular project or idea. Minutes are taken, and children are given a special Community Time badge to wear, acknowledging their attendance at a Community Time Meeting. These badges are in different colours of the Rainbow, linking directly with our Rainbow Values.

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