Gifted and Talented

We are always looking for ways to share our learning and develop our ideas outside of our school environment. There are opportunities for us to do this through Sports tournaments, Art projects and Gifted and Talented events to name but a few. We hope that you enjoy finding out about these below.

Past Activities

'Little Riddlers'

'Little Riddlers' is a new and exciting opportunity for many of the amazing writers currently in year 2. The project explores poems with particular emphasis placed on riddles. The group of writers will meet on a weekly basis with Mr Bowles and will focus on poetic techniques, word classes and look to extend their understanding of sentence types. The ultimate goal is for the children to enter a 'Young Writers' national competition. Examples of the children's work and pictures will be posted on this page.

Year 2 - Joint Riddle

I am cute and furry.

But can whizz past in a flurry.

I live in a hot place

But don't get close to my face.

I live on the savannah plain.

And don't like the African rain.

I am endangered and spotty.

What am I?

A leopard!

More information about the upcoming competition can be found at:

Super Story Writing With Year 1 and 2

On Monday 7th December, a small group of children in Key Stage One performed a story to their parents and carers in Trinity Hall. They performed 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. It was a special story that the children had written with Miss Phillips and with each other.

Since September and our visit from a real-life storyteller (Chris Connaughton), the children have been meeting on a weekly basis. First, we thought about all of the things that we liked in Chris' version of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. Then, we planned our own story.

We thought about the setting of our story

  • Where does the shoemaker live?
  • Is he living now or did he live a long time ago?

We thought about the characters in our story.

  • Does the shoemaker have a wife?
  • How many elves are there altogether?

After the planning stage, I put the children into pairs. The Year 1 children were paired with a friend in Year 2. The children worked together as a team, writing the words and re-crafting them. We talked about the importance of having illustrations that matched the words on their page. E.g. Billy was responsible for Page 1. He wrote that the shoemaker "loved his wife very much". When Billy illustrated the first page, he thought carefully about the 'clues' in his picture. I suggested that the couple might be holding hands. Billy thought of another idea: "Let's have a photograph of their wedding in the background". What a good idea!

The children's version of 'The Elves and The Shoemaker' is brilliant. I am so proud of them! The performance was a special opportunity for the children to share all of their hard work with parents, carers and younger siblings.

Cryptography in Year 4

Mr Freeman worked with a group of Year 4 children on 'Cryptography' which linked to their focus on Ancient Egypt, and developing an understanding of the way in which the Rosetta Stone was decoded. 

Geodesic Domes

As an extension project to Shelter Building work, Mr Freeman challenged the Junior Governors to create a Geodesic Dome. They all worked hard together and achieved their goal of creating the dome and fitting everyone inside!  Mrs Veryard was good at rolling the paper structures!

Computer Programming - Girls Only!

As part of Ada Lovelace Day, a group of Gifted and Talented girls took up the challenge of writing their own computer programme. They worked with Mr Freeman over a number of lunch times, and two of the children were recognised for their achievements in a special Ada Lovelace Worship. Their work was entered into a competition run by the Somerset Computer Team and their work is now being shared across Somerset!  Well done Girls!!


Mr Freeman has worked with children across the school throughout this year. The first term focused on extending the children's skills in History, using the themes from the classes as a starting point. The children in Years 3 and 4 went on a Gifted and Talented 'dig' in school, learning to be archaeologists at a higher level. They then put these skills into practice in Dorchester where they were certainly challenged to think about the evidence and what it tells us.  They then used the iPads to film their findings in the form of a 'Newsnight' presentation. Parents enjoyed viewing this work in Class 14 at Parents Evening.  

The children in Years 5 and 6 presented their work to the Mayor of Yeovil. He was extremely impressed by their skills and told us how much he himself learnt about the evidence they had gathered as part of their World War II project.

The children in Years 1 and 2 worked on an extended ICT project with a focus on animations. Their skills were certainly challenged and the outcomes were amazing!

Evaluating Art

Children took part in a special day run by Folk South West in conjunction with Montacute House. Some children from Classes 5, 6 and 7 worked together looking at the 'unknown' portraits from the National Portrait Gallery. They had to think about who these people might be and why they were important enough to have their portraits painted. The Times newspaper reported on these portraits in November 2011, and told readers about authors who had been asked to do the very same thing!

Gifted and Talented Story Writing Day

Mrs Burnard took some of the Year 5 and 6 pupils to Yeovil College for a Gifted and Talented story writing day. We were lucky enough to meet Adrian Beckingham, a story teller, who guided us through the day. The following report was written by one of our pupils:

When we first arrived we signed in and were given a pack containing everything we would need for the day. We then went through to the Lecture Theatre where we met all the other children who were taking part. Next, we were put into 6 groups, each being a mix of girls and boys from the various schools. Meaghan and Zoe were put into the Little Wolves, whilst Daisy and I were in the Baddies. 

Off we went into our groups and started what turned out to be an enjoyable day. Firstly, the Baddies went with the group leader, Marteena, where we read and worked on the story of The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig. After this, we joined Joanne and looked at the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. This was great fun as we performed a little play. It included using scenery and mini characters printed from Google images that had been stuck onto kebab sticks. Whilst our group was doing that, the Little Wolves worked with another person and had equal fun.

After a quick break, our group and two others joined together for a work shop with Adrian Beckingham, ‘The Man from Story Mountain’. It took place inside of a huge, painted Tepee called the Medicine Lodge, it is the only one in the UK. During this session, we heard the story of Wolf Brother and also further learnt how to get through to our magic world. This was really exciting and gave us a chance to use our imaginations. 

Next, we had lunch and then resumed work with Marteena, writing individual stories, mine was about the Three Dolphins and the Big Bad Whale. I had a chance to share this at the end of the day when we all filtered back into the Lecture Theatre. 

The day presented us with a great opportunity and helped us with ideas for our learning. I would like to thank all the staff who organised and led the Story Telling day because we all had a fantastic time. 

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