What is Art?

According to the children, Art is a whole range of creative things...

In EYFS it is: cutting and sticking; drawing, painting and colouring; making things (models).

In Key Stage 1 it is: creating something that you make up; it is drawing and painting; doing your own creations.

In Key Stage 2 it is: something that you create using your imagination

What is an artist?

According to the children, an artist is many things...

In EYFS it is: someone who is good at drawing

In Key Stage 1 it is: someone who creates inspirational work

In Key Stage 2 it is: someone who inspires others with their work

Art is taught throughout all year groups in the school. 

EYFS have art as a continuous provision option linked to their Early Learning Goals.

Key Stages 1 and 2 approach art in blocks and build upon their skills each year; reflecting on prior learning before continuing on their art journey.

Year 2 and Key Stage 2 have sketch books to practise their skills and use to show their ideas and final pieces of work. Throughout all of these art opportunities the chidlren are given the skills to then use and create their own inpirational pieces of work.

Throughout the year each child has the opportunity to showcase their work in our Holy Trinity Art Gallery.  Around the school we have a frame which every child can display their own piece of work.  There is a rota for every year group to have their turn in showing their work to the rest of the school.  We also use these frames as a school as part of our Christmas and Easter celebrations.  Each year group is given a set of frames and a theme so the children can share ideas and produce art linked to the theme they have been given.


Art Club

Here are some of the cartoons Year 4 have been creating in Art Club this year.

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