Year 2 Events

Great Fire of London Topic

During Spring 1 our topic was Fire, Fire! We really enjoyed this topic, finding out how the Great Fire of London started, why it spread so quickly, and how people tried to put it out. We learnt about Samuel Pepys and our favourite facts were that he wore a wig, and that he buried his cheese to protect it from the fire!

As part of our topic, we wrote some super diary entries and our own Great Fire of London stories. We also enjoyed lots of creative activities, including using water colours to create portraits of Samuel Pepys, baking rolls as if we were Thomas Farriner, and creating the most fabulous 1666 houses as a homework project. The culmination of all our hard work was the Gallery event we held in the Hall, in which we shared our learning with the rest of the school and our parents.

Here we are creating freeze frames of the scenes Samuel Pepys would have seen from his bedroom window - people putting out the fire and people escaping from the fire.

Spirituality Day

On 7th January it was Spirituality Day and we spent the day thinking about the words we are taught in the Bible – to let our light shine for others.

We thought about how we have our Rainbow Values within us and that when we live by them, they shine out as a beacon for others and guide others to do the right thing. We also thought about how we all have different talents and gifts and that we especially shine when we are doing these things. We made star wands and lanterns to remind us of our values and talents, and after reading the story, Giraffes Can’t Dance,’ we drew some super giraffe pictures to remind us that we all have a talent, even if we haven’t realised it yet.


Here are Class 3 enjoying Christmas Jumper Day, a special visitor to our classroom, and our Christmas Party!

We had a fabulous time visiting Carymoor Environmental Centre. Our theme for the day was 'The Three Little Pigs'.
We acted out the story; we went on a Materials Hunt to explore different materials and think about which would be suitable for building a house; we built model houses using clay, sticks and straw; and we worked in groups to build dens, testing them to see which could withstand howling wind and rain!

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