Physical Education and Physical Well-being



  • To enable all children to possess a range of gross and fine motor skills to support their everyday life, as well as being able to compete in sports, including to confidently swim, in a range of strokes, over a distance of 25m or greater by the end of Year 6.


  • For children to develop a positive sense of personal identity and to have the self-confidence to try their best no matter what their ability.


  • To recognise the importance of how physical activity can positively affect physical and mental health.
  • To be inspired to participate in life-long physical activity and be exposed to a wider range of potential activity.

Together in God’s Promises, Goodness and Love:

  • Children to have an awareness and sensitivity of differing abilities using a wider range of interpersonal skills (resilience, perseverance, respect, co-operation and trust) that will enable them to succeed as an individual or as part of a team (sportsmanship)

For Additional Information Please see the Physical Education and Well-being Policy:


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